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Caribou Coffee K Cups

Updated on January 10, 2010
Caribou Coffee K cup - "a thing of beauty is a joy forever"
Caribou Coffee K cup - "a thing of beauty is a joy forever"
Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker
Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Caribou Coffee K Cup

A Coffee Delivery System Whose Time Has Come

Many coffee manufacturers are seeing the value in the Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker and producing K cups with their own best blends for the system. Caribou Coffee has joined the ranks of the Keurig team.

You have to love a coffee manufacturer whose motto is: "Life if short. Stay awake for it."

Personally, I became aware of Caribou Coffee when I moved to the Atlanta area where Caribou quite a few coffee shops. Their shops are very comfortable - easy to spend time in. So we did. But it was the coffee that made the difference. That's the way it should be when speaking of a coffee shop.

Unfortunately, the Caribou shop near our house had chosen a very difficult location. It wasn't the location so much as accessibility and view. It was in a small strip of stores on a busy highway, but there was a mound in front so they were not very visible to traffic. In addition, there was no turn in from the opposite side of the divided highway. Inevitably, they shut that shop down, and we had resorted to the largest coffee shop chain in the country for our gourmet morning beverages.

Then along came Keurig... my coffee savior. I first fell in love with the system because the Keurig single serve coffee maker always delivered a consistently good cup of brew.

Then, I discovered that there were Caribou Coffee K Cups. I first found them in a local department store. When I took them home and brewed my first Caribou Coffee K Cup, I was hooked. Having already tried a wide variety of excellent K Cups from other manufacturers, I was a Keurig fan, but the Caribou Coffee K Cup, in particular the Caribou Blend, medium roast, immediately became my favorite.

With experience, I have discovered that the local stores are hit-and-miss when it comes to purchasing K Cups. Some days they have your favorite, but don't count on it. It is best to buy your K Cups online.

In fact, go ahead and join a coffee club. Your coffee will arrive at your door each month without fail. No guesswork involved. Subscribe and Save at Amazon  and you are on auto cruise.

Caribou Coffee

The story of how the Caribou name was adopted is on the side of my K Cup box.

It was in 1990 when the founders of Caribou Coffee were on an adventure in the northern wilderness. They hiked to the top of a mountain, and upon arrival at the top, they had a sensational panoramic view of the surrounding area with its sea of mountains and forests. There was a beautiful blue sky above, and in the valley below was a thundering herd of caribou making its way through the valley.

This awesome experience with nature became the vision for Caribou Coffee. The folks at Caribou believe in "excellence and that life is too short for anything else."

It is because of their belief in excellence that they are producing some of the finest tasting coffee in the marketplace. They start with the finest beans. Roasters combine and craft their proprietary blends with precision and expertise. Of course there are a variety of excellent blends to satisfy each coffee connoisseur's pallet. Just know that the brewing of Caribou Coffee is all about quality.

There is a blend of Caribou Coffee just right for you. Even if you don't have a Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker, you can buy other Caribou Coffee packaging favorites, whether it be whole bean or your favorite grind.


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