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Buy a Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Updated on January 10, 2010
Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker
Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Absolute Best Coffee I Ever Made Myself

That's a powerful statement, and I will admit that it is one man's opinion. But I'm putting it out there for all to see. I believe in this coffee brewer.

A few months ago I was not even aware that there was something known as a Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker. Who comes up with these model numbers anyway? B60 - This sounds like it might be the newest thing to roll off the Boeing assembly line. But, no, it makes coffee... darn good coffee.

I first came in contact with single cup coffee back in the day when Melita made a mini drip brewer. I thought that was cool since I am the sole caffeine addict in my household.

Then last year someone gave my daughter-in-law a Tassimo single cup coffee maker. That machine changed my life. We went to visit them, and for a week, I experienced excellent coffee on a daily basis. This was every cup tasting as good as the last one. My own coffee making efforts yielded a descent mug of joe every once in a while, but when I tried to duplicate the brew, it always disappointed.

But this Tassimo thing was great. Same taste every time. We stayed there a week, and I was in coffee heaven.

When I returned home, I went back to my hit-and-miss coffee brewing routine. I always love stopping at the local java shop for a quick fix, but I wanted to be able to get the same quality at home.

I must admit that I wanted to get one of those things for myself, but I kind of didn't want to spend the money. We have this system where both my wife and I have to agree that we need something that costs over a certain amount, and I was hesitant to suggest that this was necessary.

Fast Forward to August

August 10 was the first day of school (I am a middle/high school teacher), and that was my first ever taste of coffee from a Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker. It took about three cups before I was obsessed with this machine. I had pushed the Tassimo memories to the back of my mind, but when the Keurig machine entered my life, I could no longer deny my feelings.

I had to have one. I began scheming ways to let my wife know of my passion. I started slowly, but she was not fooled. She knows me after 40 years, and she quickly saw through my disguised subtle hints. She was not ready to push the "go" button on this one. I could enjoy my coffee at school.

I sulked... And I drank coffee at school.

But then something wonderful happened. She got me my own Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker... right out of the blue! Or, was that Christmas? No matter, I have been in coffee heaven for a few weeks now.

Little known fact you can use at your next party.
Little known fact you can use at your next party.

K Cups - Very Special Little Plastic Containers

What is it that makes this coffee so special? It's the way it is packaged, stored, and delivered.

If you take a look at the K cup, you will realize what a neat invention it is. Each container holds exactly the same amount of coffee. When the coffee is roasted and ground at the manufacturing plant, it is deposited directly into the K cup and sealed. Never to see the light of day or experience any atmosphere at all until the moment it is brewed. It is an engineering marvel!

Did you know that when you open a new bag of coffee it immediately starts to lose its flavor due to interaction with the air? It's true. That's why the initial smell of a newly opened bag is never again the same.

The folks at Keurig are brilliant.

There are a few other note worthy facts about the K cups vs regular brew.

They use the finest coffee. After all, they are charging about $0.50 per serving, so it is in their best interests to give you quality for your money.

The coffee will not be left on the heat to burn and build up that yukky residue, because each cup is brewed individually.

Even though the cost seems like a lot more than what you pay for a bag of regular grind from your local store, you will waste none of it. That's 0 coffee wasted.

Finally, think about how much you can save by making your gourmet coffee at home rather than stopping by your high-priced coffee boutique.

Can you tell I'm a fan of the Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker?

Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker


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