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Certified Organic Grains- Flours-Cereals-Healthy Bars- All Amish Homegrown

Updated on May 12, 2012
Stutzman Certified Organic Farms
Stutzman Certified Organic Farms
Organic wheat
Organic wheat
Rolled Oats
Rolled Oats
Breads made with 7 grains
Breads made with 7 grains
Organic Maple Crunch Granola on yogurt
Organic Maple Crunch Granola on yogurt
The GrainMaker
The GrainMaker
Organic Healthy Bars
Organic Healthy Bars
Amish Organic Grains and Flour
Amish Organic Grains and Flour
Organic granola with raisins and sunflower seeds
Organic granola with raisins and sunflower seeds
Honey Puffed Organic Rice
Honey Puffed Organic Rice
Maple crunch granola
Maple crunch granola

Consider these organic certified products grown, harvested and processed the old fashion way on an Amish farm in Holmes County Ohio

If you are looking for wholesome organic grown grains, flours, cereals and healthy bars consider these organic certified products grown, harvested and processed the old fashion way on an Amish farm in Holmes County Ohio.

You just can’t get closer to the earth and more organic grown than buying direct from an Amish farm. You see the Amish still farm with teams of horses and go without modern machinery, use of chemicals or other pesticides. They are also very selective in what they feed their horses and livestock to keep the animal manure free of chemicals which may also contaminate the soil.

The Amish have utilized organic farming techniques for centuries. This is long before organic grown products were scientifically discovered to provide higher nutritional values over more conventional methods. The Stutzman Amish family who grows grain products for Cottage Craft Works has been farming organically on the same farm land for over 60 years.

Organic production leaves less chance for chemical and pesticide residues to enter the food chain, which is believed to be contributing to the increased levels of cancer and other health related issues.

There are obviously a lot of companies who claim to produce organic grains on the market, and then there are those who are actually certified as organic growers.

The difference is that an independent organization has credentialed the farm as truly using all the acceptable organic practices to claim they are growing organically. Stutzman Farms are certified organic by the Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association (OEFFA)

Stutzman Farms grow, store and process their items right on the farm, meaning there is less chance of contamination by being transported through various processing plants. Orders are hand processed right from the bulk storage facilities.

With the health experts continually telling us that we need to consume more grain products in order to provide fiber, to help reduce cholesterol, control blood sugars and increase antioxidants, essential amino and fatty acids. Grain products obviously make a viable part of the daily diet.

Wholesome organic grown grains and those that have been certified organic grown really need to be introduced back into the American diet.

With so many options to add grains into various dishes and meals getting the family to find new ways to consume and learn to enjoy grains may be easier than you may think.

Organic grains can be rolled or ground into coarse and fine flour mixes making high fiber nutritional meal additions for all three meals. For breakfast cereals, muffins, and buckwheat pancakes, for lunch sandwich breads made with 7 whole grain mix, or salads topped with nutty tasting grains, and for dinner, hot whole wheat dinner rolls and long grain brown rice are all just a few examples.

The perception of organic grown as being far more expensive placing the cost outside the normal family budget, just may not always be correct. While organic processes take more time and labor, these Amish grown organic food products pound for pound might just be cheaper than purchasing conventional grown products.

Take a walk down the cereal aisle at your favorite local supermarket. Make note of the prices and size of the boxed cereals, look at all the processed sugars, sodium and chemical preservatives, then take a look at the Amish certified organic cereals at Cottage Craft Works.

Purchasing in bulk does help bring the cost down, but many like to purchase in smaller package sizes. The standard sizes are 25 lbs with some 10 lb and 12 lb sizes available in the rolled grains, brans, grate nuts and granolas.

Cottage Craft Works promotes the concept of group purchasing, with the idea that large families, neighbors, friends or co-workers can save on food by purchasing in bulk and then repackaging and distributing into smaller packages. It is a rather neat idea that could catch on even with people who share a common goal of finding ways to save on food and still being able to purchase wholesome organic grown food products.

The concept is not new, as many Co-Ops began in the early and mid 1900s with a group of people coming together to buy or sell products. It would only take a group of 5 people to order several different 25 lb products to take home a variety of 5 lb organic products, which may cost nearly $6 per pound or more at a health food store. Even with the cost of shipping the average cost per pound is around $2.50. Some of the more expensive items such as spelt may cost up to $3.50 per pound including shipping.

Spelt is a cousin to wheat but spelt does not create the wheat intolerant and gluten allergies that are experienced by many. Cottage Craft Works has other grains and flours that may benefit people with similar allergies.

Cottage Craft Works also carries sprouted grains that may benefit people with a lower Glycemic index with blood sugar issues.

Orders are still processed the old fashioned way and may take a few extra days to reach your door.

Cottage Craft Works will soon be adding healthy bars, spelt crackers and gluten-free bars all made from certified organic grown products. Cottage Craft Works also carries Amish noodles, jams, pickles, relishes and popcorn.

Cottage Craft Works is a unique on line general store with products from the Amish and other small cottage based businesses. Most of the products are American made. You can find home goods, Amish furniture, farm, garden, ranch, food processing, cooking utensils, Amish foods, and one of the largest suppliers of hunting gear and custom gun accessories on the Internet. Be sure to check out

Cottage Craft Works even carries the grain grinders to produce fresh flour from your organic grain purchases.

You can go directly to the Amish Country foods and Certified Organic products by clicking here.


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    • Lizolivia profile image


      5 years ago from Central USA

      I hadn't heard of Cottage Craft Works before nor Stutzman Farms. I'll make a note of that. That 7-grain bread looks appetizing, especially if they were to add their honey in the mix. Thanks for the info, interesting.

    • robie2 profile image

      Roberta Kyle 

      6 years ago from Central New Jersey

      I live less than two hours drive from Lancaster County PA and in an area where there are a number of Amish farm markets. They are a treat to visit, always--when was the last time you said that about a supermarket?? Not only is the food wonderful, fresh, organic, natural, and well priced-- the atmosphere is also friendly and caring. Plus I alwasy get a Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzel with mustard and buy some souse ( can't get that anywhere else) and possibly a shoofly pie. Voting this hub up just on general principles because I like Amish markets and their products sooooo much.


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