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Cookbook Review – Sweet!

Updated on November 28, 2008

Do you want to learn more about how to make tasty and delicious cakes, pies, candies, cookies, and other sweet treats? If so, consider adding Sweet! by Mani Niall to your cookbook collection. In the book, you'll find more than a hundred recipes for sweet treats, including traditional favorites and new ideas that are destined to become favorites for anyone who makes them.

If you want to learn more about the art of preparing sweet dishes and cooking with natural sweeteners, you're sure to love this book. The only thing related to preparing sweet foods that you won't find in this book is recipes that include artificial sweeteners. The recipes in Sweet! focus on cooking with natural sweeteners, including agave nectar, cane syrup, demerara, evaporated cane juice, muscovado, turbinado, and many other natural sugars and sugar substitutes.

The book opens with a discussion of the role of sugar in cooking, as well as detailed information about and descriptions of various types of natural sugar and sugar substitutes. You'll also find information about the role of sugar in a healthy diet and tips for making recipes as healthful and flavorful as possible. There are also details about other items that those who enjoy baking should have on hand in their kitchens, including baking soda, butter, chocolate, cocoa, eggs, flour, spices, and more.

Favorite Recipes from Sweet!

The more than 100 delicious recipes published in Sweet! make up the heart of this unique and informative cookbook. Some of them are for baked goods, but there are also many other types of tasty recipes featured in the book.

Examples of Recipes for Sweet Dishes

  • Chicken Satay
  • Mexican Sweet Potato Pudding
  • Mom's Classic Granola
  • Panela and Spice Cured Salmon
  • Spicy Hot Chocolate
  • Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream
  • Vietnamese Caramel Chicken
  • Wild Berry Pancakes

A Selection of Recipes for Baked Goods

  • Burnt Sugar Almond Cake
  • Cranberry Ginger Bread
  • Fig and Chocolate Bars
  • Lemon Cupcakes with Mascarpone Cream and Raspberries
  • Mint Julep Cake with Bourbon Buttercream
  • Pear-Raspberry Coffee Cake
  • Treacle Tart with Brown Sugar -- Walnut Crust

These are just a few of the many delightful recipe ideas you'll find in Sweet!

About the Author

Professional Baker Mani Niall is the Executive Chef for Just Desserts, an award winning bakery located in the San Francisco Bay area. He also owns Mani's Test Kitchen, a company that provides product development, culinary instruction, and consulting services. Nall is also the author of Covered in Honey and Sweet and Natural Baking.


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  • foodstorage profile image

    foodstorage 9 years ago from Utah

    Great review! I'd love to see pictures of more of the items in the book. The ones on the front cover look divine!