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Cookbook Review: Grill Every Day

Updated on May 11, 2008

Looking for quick and easy recipe ideas that will help you make the most of your grill? If you enjoy grilled food and want to find some simple fast-track recipes, you'll be delighted with the great recipes and instructions in Grill Every Day: 125 Fast-Track Recipes for Weeknights at the Grill by Diane Morgan. The great grilling tips and recipe ideas you find in this book will make it easy for you to use your grill any night of the week, even during times when your work or extracurricular activity schedule is particularly hectic.

The book opens with practical, easy-to-read information about the different types of grills, food safety, grill safety, tools for grilling, and other great information you'll need to know to master the art of grilling. The first recipes in the book are versatile dry rubs, sauces, and pastes that can be used to flavor a wide variety of meats and vegetables. You'll find additional recipes for all types of meats and side dishes that everyone in your family is certain to enjoy.

Favorite Recipe Ideas

There are so many great recipes in Grill Every Day: 125 Fast-Track Recipes for Weeknights at the Grill that you'll be able to come up with several new meal ideas that are sure to become favorites in your household.

A few of the most appealing main dish recipe ideas you'll find in Grill Every Day: 125 Fast-Track Recipes for Weeknights at the Grill include:

  • Buffalo Burgers with Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Chile-and-Peanut-Crusted Halibut
  • Hanger Steaks with Chile-Rubbed Grilled Onions
  • Honey Mustard-Glazed Chicken Wings
  • Italian Sausage Hoagies with Onions and Peppers
  • Pork Tenderloin with Apricot-Mustard Glaze
  • Salmon Grilled on a Bed of Herbs
  • Shrimp and Pineapple Skewers with Garlic and Cilantro Drizzle
  • Tuscan-Style Porterhouse Steak with Capers, Olives, and Red Bell Peppers

The book also includes a number of tasty and simple side dish recipes, including:

  • Asparagus Spears
  • Bourbon-and-Maple-Grilled Acorn Squash
  • Cherry Tomato Skewers with Fresh Basil
  • Grill-Roasted and Smashed Baby White Potatoes
  • Grilled Sweet Corn, Black Bean, and Cherry Tomato Salad
  • Walla Walla Sweet Onions

You'll find many additional recipes in Grill Every Day: 125 Fast-Track Recipes for Weeknights at the Grill. No matter which dishes turn out to be your favorites, when you add this book to your cookbook collection, you'll be able to enjoy healthful and delicious grilled meals any time you want.

About the Author:

Diane Morgan is an accomplished cooking instructor and writer with an extensive background in the culinary industry. Her background includes extensive experience working as both a caterer and an executive chef. She has penned a number of cookbooks, including: The Thanksgiving Table, Salmon, Pizza, Delicious Dips, Cooking for the Week, Dressed to Grill, Midnight Munchies, The Basic Gourmet, and several additional titles.


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