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Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dads Who Enjoy Grilling and Cooking

Updated on March 30, 2008

Does your dad enjoy spending time grilling or cooking delicious meals for himself or the entire family? If so, a Father's day cookbook (or two or three) might be a great gift idea this year.

Of course, make sure the gift is really for dad! If you wish dad would cook more, but he really doesn't enjoy cooking, this type of gift is not likely to go over well. However, if cooking is something dad does frequently, whether out of necessity or because he enjoys it, a new cookbook is likely to be greatly appreciated. Remember that gifts should appeal to the needs and interests of the recipients, not the givers!

Grilling Enthusiast Choices

Is dad a grilling enthusiast? There are many great cookbooks designed for those who absolutely love outdoor cooking. The CIG to Grilling is an excellent option for those who enjoy grilling, as is The Prairie Table Cookbook.

Chef and the Fatman - Red, White, and Blue (Collar) Cookin' is also a great choice. It isn't specific to grilling, but many of the recipes are designed especially for use with a Big Green Egg grill. Keep in mind, however, that if dad doesn't already have a Big Green Egg, he'll want one after taking a look at this book!

Beginner in the Kitchen?

If dad is a beginner in the kitchen, he'll probably really appreciate a few titles from the extensive selection of "Complete Idiot's Guides" books designed to provide simple and detailed instructions to those looking for simple recipes for preparing delicious meals. Dad might enjoy: CIG to Cooking for Guys, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Comfort Food, or the CIG to Fondues and Hot Dips.

Looking to Impress a Lady?

If dad wants to impress the ladies in the kitchen, Kissing in the Kitchen is a great choice. Written by a guy, for guys, this book is full or recipes designed to kick start a romantic evening.

Sports Enthusiast?

Does dad associate cooking with getting geared up to watch the big game? He'll probably love a copy of The Fox Sports Tailgating Handbook.

Food and Beverage Pairing

Does dad enjoy a cold beer or other beverage with his meals? If so, he might find Great Food Great Beer to be really appealing. This book is full of recipes paired with suggestions for the perfect beer to complement the flavor of each dish. What to Drink With What You Eat is another excellent choice for dad's who are interested in food and beverage pairing.


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