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Cookbook Review: The Fox Sports Tailgating Handbook

Updated on October 20, 2007

Are you a dedicated football fan? If so, the Fox Sports Tailgating Handbook is a must-read for you! Written by Stephen Linn, renowned tailgating expert and author of The Ultimate Tailgater book series, this book contains everything you need to know about tailgating gear, food, and stadiums.

Much more than jut a cookbook, the Tailgating Handbook provides detailed tips for selecting items to improve your tailgating experience. You'll learn about different types of grills that work well for parking lot cookouts, including a suggested top 5 listing of easy-to-transport grills and recommendations for the top 5 smokers.

Of course, the Tailgating Handbook also includes great grilling recipes for tailgating, so you'll have an easy time putting your parking lot grill to good use!

Super Recipes in The Fox Sports Tailgating Handbook

I'm always looking for great tailgating recipe ideas that work well at football games, for home viewing, and also for camping trips. This book features some great ideas, including new twists on some old favorites and some truly innovative tailgating recipe ideas.

My favorites include:

  • Original Beer-Butt Chicken, from Rick Browne, host of the PBS program Barbecue America and author of several barbecue cookbooks. Browne is credited with being the first person to popularize this classic grilled chicken recipe.
  • Smoky Venison Chili, from Kevin Byrne, dedicated tailgater and food writer for The Boston Herald. I'm not a hunter, but my brothers love deer hunting, so venison is a staple on our family camping outings.
  • Crawfish Etouffee, from Louisiana chef and television personality Patrick Mould. This Creole dish will delight anyone who enjoys the rich, spicy cuisine of for which Louisiana is famous.
  • Queso de Salsa Sausage Soup, from Mike Zeller, top chef for Johnsonville, supplier of the popular tailgating delicacy Johnsonville brats. This easy, hearty soup dish (featuring Johnsonville brats, of course) is a tailgating delight, especially on a cold day.

Top 5 Lists (in addition to grills and smokers) Include:

  • Top 5 Tailgating Toys (believe it or not, one of the items is a gas blender that comes with a two-stroke engine!)
  • Top 5 College Football Tailgating Stadiums
  • Top 5 NFL Tailgating Stadiums
  • Top 5 Tailgating Chairs

Additional Fun Features The Fox Sports Tailgating Handbook

  • Photos and fun facts about "Fanatic Fans"
  • Photos and Stories of Truly Innovative Tailgating Ideas
  • Tailgate Safety Supply List
  • The Ultimate Tailgater's Checklist
  • Tailgating Details (pricing, contact info., restrictions, etc.) for Many College Stadiums


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