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Cooking Shows ON Demand

Updated on September 15, 2007

Do you love to watch cooking programs? Is your schedule sometimes too hectic to catch your favorite shows on television? If so, check out the new line-up of online food and cooking shows on

For each of its programs, creates new, professionally produced shows every week. Each episode runs between 3 and 10 minutes in length. You can watch your favorite programs on any Internet-capable device, ranging from your home computer to your iPhone. I love the idea of being able to see great dinner ideas from one of the programs with my Smart Phone when I'm stuck in traffic on the way home from work!'s food and cooking programs include:

  • Budget Health Nut: Viewers will learn techniques for creating delicious and healthy gourmet meals at affordable prices. This program is a great resource for discovering budget-friendly techniques that allow you to create health-conscious, upscale meals very affordably.
  • Cocktails on the Fly: This is my favorite of the lineup. You'll learn great ideas for whipping up super adult beverage concoctions. I love trying new and interesting drink ideas, especially when I'm preparing goodies for an afternoon of football or baseball viewing.
  • Dinner with the Band: Hosted by New York chef Sam Mason, this show features cooking in a talk show format, combined with musical performances by hip, up and coming musicians. If you like "Dinner and a Movie" on WTBS and you enjoy modern music, you'll love this program.
  • Food Science: Host Kiki Sanford, Ph.D. baffles and delights viewers with the mysteries of food. Features include food science experiments, food preparation instructions, and interesting cooking tools. This is interesting and educational for adults and kids alike. If you are looking for a way to get your kids interested in cooking, this program just might do the trick.
  • Stump the Chef: This entertaining show puts Chef Matt Weaver under the gun as he is challenged to create tasty dishes with a random selection of food items. It reminds me of those nights that I don't feel like going to the supermarket, but only have a weird assortment of foods that don't seem to work together in my refrigerator and pantry.

It is so convenient to be able to tune in to these great cooking programs any time the mood strikes! In addition its varied lineup of food and cooking programs, features many additional types of programming, such as: art features, comedy, comic books, gaming, golfing tips, home and garden, and much more.


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