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Human Fetus Soup, Boiled Baby Soup, WARNING Graphic Image.

Updated on May 26, 2014

Most people have heard of or even tried some distasteful oriental dishes in their life. Deep fried cockroach, battered sea horses or even Robin Redbreast birds do not escape the delicacy trade in the far off East. Sharks fin soup has nothing on some of the atrocities which have been noted by the West.

By far the worst Chinese delicacy ever to become known to the west is boiled baby soup, or fetus soup. The main ingredient is a human fetus. Unborn babies which have been aborted are the main ingredient in what Chinese nationals occasionally call 'Spare Rib Soup'.

Stamina and Potency

Many Chinese people believe this expensive soup gives them extra vitality in the bedroom department.

The nutrients in the placenta are world known to contain vital vitamins which is usually eaten by the mother of animal after the birth of their young. In China, it is the humans doing the eating, and not the afterbirth of their own children, but the unborn babies of others.

A reporter went undercover to expose this sick trade where unfortunate unborn babies were sold for the highest price to restaurants.

You will not find it on any restaurant menu, you have to be trusted by the restaurant owner, then wait whilst a pregnant person can be found who does not want to keep their unborn child.

The wait can take several weeks until a suitable baby has been aborted, then sold for cooking. The baby is boiled with bits of chicken, expensive herbs, and is now being sold in a Canton restaurant.

A client of 62 years swears that it is excellent for him as he now makes love to his 19 year old wife every day.

A single bowl of this soup costs around $600, The unborn babies cost about $200 if they are close to full term before being aborted. The placenta sells for about $30.

Authorities and world organisations have been informed.

After this photo and story went viral, a statement was released on behalf of a supposed artist, it read:

This was a set of photographs that went viral grabbing the attention of lot of people. It’s just an artwork by Zhu Yu titled “Eating People”. I just want to let you know that it was all a hoax.

To view the complete set of photos, please visit


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      Jennifer 4 years ago

      I. Will. Never. Visit. Ever.

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      gogogo 6 years ago

      I'll never drink chinese soup again.