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Do Fat People Eat Less Than Skinny People

Updated on August 19, 2014

I am not that kind of a person to watch what people eat or put in their carts all the time, but it looks like in public at least, everyone eats pretty much the same.

In my opinion thin people have a mechanism that tells them to stop eating sooner. Also they enjoy treats but they don’t go searching for them all the time. Also thin people are not big snackers. Of course, there are some exceptions but I consider them in a small percentage. Fat people eat more in their homes where they fell comfortable and they don’t feel embarrassed because somebody is watching them. In most of the cases is not necessarily to eat 3 big meals a day and get fat, all you have to do is to add to your normal meals 3 or 4 big snacks per day and you will gain weight in no time.

So to answer to the question to this article, yes, fat people eat more than skinny people. It is that simple, fat people take in more calories than they are consuming or burning. They have to do that because it is scientifically proven that a large body, in order to function in normal conditions needs more calories than a skinny body. For example for a 300 pound person needs to eat 3000- 4500 calories per day. Only if you are an athlete you can eat that kind of calories and maintain a skinny body.

In this world there are different types of individuals who are heavy from different reasons. Not all the reasons are related to food. There are medical problems, thyroid and hormonal problems for being heavy. Or people are just genetically heavy. But for the majority of overweight people the big issue of being fat is related to food. In order to get rid of the extra pounds you need to exercise. And you have to start eating healthy and give up the junk food. It’s not enough to eat salads and fruits as long as you order a big cup of diet coke. Don’t lie to yourself; soda is bad for people who want to lose weight in any forms (diet or regular).

You have to take in consideration that skinny people may eat the same like fat people but they do exercise and they burn more calories than fat people and that is why they don’t get fat.


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