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Smoked Chicken Breast Easy Recipes Video

Updated on October 15, 2013


If you enjoy smoking your food on a smoker of your choice (I own a Master Forge Vertical Smoker) then this chicken recipe may be for you! A quick and easy recipe leads to a great flavored chicken breast!

How did you like it?

4.5 stars from 2 ratings of Dr. Pepper Smoked Chicken Breast


  • Chicken Breasts, Whole
  • (1) 2 liter bottle Dr. Pepper
  • Wood chips, personally Mesquite or Hickory, but the choice is yours depending on taste
  • Garlic Salt, to taste
  • Brown Sugar, to taste

Cook Time

Prep time: 2 hours 15 min
Cook time: 2 hours 30 min
Ready in: 4 hours 45 min
Yields: Depends on quantity of breast you buy

Wood chips

For this recipe, I am using Mesquite wood chips. This is simply because it's just what I have laying around. If I was going to the store again, I would have chosen Hickory, because I found that to have a slightly better flavor. All of this is personal preference. Just depends on what you enjoy.


Low-cost wood chips to add flavor to meat

Chicken Breast rinsed and fat cut off


Chicken breast

I am purchasing boneless, skinless chicken breast. Purchase the amount of chicken breast that you want depending on the size of smoker that you have. I own a medium size smoker, so I went with the 10 pack of whole chicken breast, but that is up to you. Thaw the chicken to slightly colder than room temperature, wash the breast and remove all excess fat.

Due to the time needed to cook this meal, I generally cook at much meat as I can, and then simply freeze the breasts afterwards and eat them as needed.


Dr. Pepper

I went with Dr. Pepper this time because that is what I have heard is really good. Next time I am going to try Coke and possibly other flavors. It depends on what you like honestly. If you have heard of someone trying something else, please leave a comment and share!


Marinate the meat

Purchase a meat syringe and inject each chicken breast at least 4 times. You will lose a little of the Dr. Pepper as it pushes it's way through the chicken breast, but that is to be expected.


Bag and wait

Next you will put all of your chicken breast into a freezer Ziploc bag, add Dr. Pepper until it covers all chicken breasts, and let it marinate in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours.

Prepare Smoker

As you come to the end of your 2 hour marinating time for the chicken, you will need to let your wood chips soak in water for at least 15 minutes. This makes them last longer and give you more smoke inside of the smoker as you are cooking. Fire up the smoker with whatever method you use (propane/natural gas, electric, charcoal) and raise the internal temperature to 230°.

Chicken will have a brownish tint from the Dr. Pepper marinate

Season and Rack the Chicken Breast

For this recipe, I am using Garlic Salt and Brown Sugar. I do this as I pre-load the racks with chicken breast, so that I will not have to move the chicken and knock the seasoning off of it.

Season to taste. Be careful to not use too much because you can very easily over-season. It's hard to mess up brown sugar though, as most of it will be melted away during the cooking process.

Chicken is racked, ready for the Smoker

Insert chicken into 230° smoker when you have maximum smoke being made

Mist the chicken to maintain moisture

Even though this is a smoker with a water pan that produces constant moisture, spray the chicken every 30 minutes during the 2.5 hour cooking cycle with Dr. Pepper inside of a food grade mister bottle to maintain flavor and not dry out the chicken.

The final product

It always amazes me what a little time and low heat will do to a piece of meat. Juicy on the inside, a protective, sweet, smoky crust on the outside. Delicious!



This article was originally posted on hubpages at If it is found anywhere else on the internet, it has been illegally copied and posted, and I ask you to simply report it to google or myself at THANKS!


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