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Drinking Flasks - Liquor Flasks

Updated on December 12, 2016
Drinking Flask Gift Set
Drinking Flask Gift Set

History of Flasks

Flasks have been around for centuries. No one knows exactly when they arrived on the scene, but most beverage historians credit the Norwegians. A nation of explorers, Norwegians were known for their long journeys to discover new lands. They needed something durable and portable to tote their specialty beverages, and hence the flask.

Most early whiskey flasks were large and made from leather. Over the past hundred years or so, newer and smaller models were designed. Flasks were documented to have come into prominence during Prohibition, when discretion was key. Liquor was illegal, so it was necessary to own a small, discreet beverage container that could be stored in a jacket pocket or purse.

Since then, flasks have become immensely popular with all ages. Gone are the days when a whiskey flask was used to sneak liquor into a football game. Now, it is a handy way to transport your favorite beverage to wherever your destination.

Leather Flask
Leather Flask
Engraved Stainless Flask
Engraved Stainless Flask

What Types of Flasks Are Available?

Flasks are most commonly used as a portable beverage container for alcoholic drinks, but that's not their only use. Many people use portable flasks for liquid medications too. With a continuously expanding variety of flasks available, it's no wonder their uses are becoming more mainstream.

There are literally dozens of styles and designs available. Some liquor flasks are very small, holding as little as two ounces of liquid, while others hold a pint of even more. It all depends on your preference!

Here are the most common styles of drinking flasks available ...

Pewter: Pewter flasks portray style, class, and sophistication. Many people choose to personalize a pewter flask with an engraving or picture. They're very durable and an excellent keepsake.

Stainless Steel Flask: Probably the most common and popular type of flask, stainless steel models can be laser engraved with a thank you or commemorative message.

Plastic: Inexpensive and disposable, plastic flasks are often used in colleges by fraternities and sororities.

Leather Flasks: Often called a hip flask, these are the most traditional style. They're usually fastened on the belt and are larger than most pocket flasks.

Engraved Flask: These are either forged from pewter or stainless steel and can be personalized with either laser engraving, an embossed photo, or both.

Flask Set: A flask set is the perfect gift for any special occasion. Men in particular love to receive a flask set as it is a one of a kind item. A flask set consists of the flask itself, a funnel to match, and usually two small glasses as well.

Binocular Flask
Binocular Flask
Flask for Ladies
Flask for Ladies

Fun & Festive Flasks!

Creativity has definitely extended to the world of flask making! Here are 7 fun and festive styles of flasks now on the market:

  1. Binocular Flask: Looks and feels just like a pair of binoculars. But the viewing scopes are really beverage containers, allowing you to hold not one type of beverage, but two.
  2. Cell Phone Flask: You would struggle to tell it apart from a real cell phone. The antenna of the "cell phone" is actually a screw top and the "phone" contains 6 ounces of your favorite drink.
  3. NASCAR: Usually made from stainless steel, these models are emblazoned with your favorite driver on the NASCAR circuit.
  4. Sports Teams: Whatever team you root for, college or pro, you can get their official logo on the front of your flask.
  5. Key Chain: These are smaller flasks, usually holding about 2-3 ounces of liquid. They are an actual key chain too.
  6. Cigar Flask: This one is dual purpose. Not only does it store a favorite cigar, but the other cylinder is a handy 8 ounce flask.
  7. Pink Flask: If you think flasks are just for men, think again, because a pink flask is an extremely popular item. They come in a variety of sizes to fit, yes you guessed it, various sized purses.

There are dozens more available. Pick one to suit your own personal style and taste, or as the perfect gift!

Flask Gift Set
Flask Gift Set
Cell Phone Flask
Cell Phone Flask

Flasks Make Great Gifts

Flasks are one of the best gifts you can buy because, well, everyone loves flasks! They are practical, durable, and fun. Best of all, flasks aren't expensive. A personally engraved model will run about $40, while most are $20 or even less. Here are five occasions where flasks make a perfect gift:

Groomsmen Gift: Flasks serve as a classy, long lasting memento for your groomsmen. They can be easily personalized with a different message for each guy if you choose. And let's face it, guys love to get a flask as a gift.

Retirement: What better way to say "kick back and enjoy yourself" than a classy flask? You can buy a themed flask to reflect the new retiree's favorite hobby, whether it's fishing, golf, sailing, and so on. Also, a flask gift set(link) adds a sophisticated touch. Typically a flask gift set comes with a flask, two glasses, and a funnel that's used to help pour the beverage inside.

Graduation: A flask is the perfect way to congratulate a new college graduate and welcome them into adulthood. No more keg parties, now it's time to be a little more discreet, classy, and sophisticated!

Promotional Item: More and more companies are using flasks as promotional items with their logo engraved on the front. Because flasks are long lasting and durable, the corporate message will be too. Plus, they're give a better impression than a pen or calendar!

Poker And Golf Party Gifts: Flasks are an ideal prize giveaway for poker parties, golf outings, and bachelor events. A personalized flask is a great idea for a top prize or special recognition.

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