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Easy Sausage making

Updated on January 13, 2016

Sausage making recipes

I was so dismayed by the additives, chemicals and other nasties that sausages in the supermarkets contained that I decided that there must be an easy sausage making method for me to make my own. I read a lot of articles on easy sausage making methods, then decided to go on a one day course with a butcher who made dozens of different flavour sausages. It was money well spent and I haven't bought a supermarket sausage since. Buy pork shoulder and belly pork, dice it up, then blitz the meat in a food processor. Add herbs, spices, rusk, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. You can make your own rusk by putting slices of bread on a tray and baking them in the oven for an hour or so on a low heat. The bread becomes lovely and crispy. Blitz it up and you've got rusk. Herbs and spices can be anything that you fancy trying, after all this is experiment time, and sausage making recipes are what you want them to be. I've just made some pork, garlic and thyme sausages but the combinations are down to you.

Sausage Mix

The sausage mix is ready
The sausage mix is ready

Making the sausages

Once you have the mix ready and you've got sausage skins either from your local butcher or from the many suppliers on the internet, you are ready to stuff the sausages. You can buy a machine to do this and I do use one when I'm making a lot of sausages, but its easy to do it by hand if you're making only a few. A piece of plastic tube of a diameter that you want your sausage to be is OK, and a rammer made from a piece of wood is fine. Oil the outside of the tube and slide the skins over it, bunching them up as you go. Tie a knot in the end of the skin, then feed the mix into the tube with your thumb and gently ram it down into the skin. Keep going until all the mix is used up. You can gently squeeze the long sausage and twist the skin to form individual sausages or just cut them to length.

Skins, former and rammer with the mix

Skins, tube and rammer
Skins, tube and rammer

Stuffing the skins

Completed sausage
Completed sausage

Now you're done

Congratulations, you've made your first sausages. There are countless combinations of sausage recipes that you can try. Have fun making the best sausages you've ever tasted.


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    • scarytaff profile image

      Derek James 7 years ago from South Wales

      Thanks, mike. Why not join hubpages? You can post all your recipes on it and get paid by google. Join here: 1g3pm5f9bb68l

    • profile image

      mike 7 years ago

      I feel the same way, the quality of homemade sausage can't be beat. Plus you can make nice, fresh homemade ethnic sausages that you just can't find anywhere.

      What I really like about making homemade sausage is how great it is to customize the recipe to you or your friends and families taste buds.

      Whether you like it hot, mild, loaded with freshly ground black pepper etc.., you're in control.

      I make an Italian pepper sausage and a Sicilian sausage with red wine, freshly grated Romano and parsley that is hard to beat.

      I'll stop back soon to check out that pastie recipe.