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Egg White Recipes

Updated on January 6, 2015

Egg White Recipes and Tips

Egg white is a combination of water and lots of protein. These are used heavily in kitchen for cooking purposes. They are mainly used for baking purposes, to add a crisp layer on foods, for drying the outer layer of food products and many other uses. These are used in deserts mostly. The most famous and delicious products of egg whites are soufflés, puddings, cakes and many more.

Protein Benefit of Egg Whites:

The protein present in the egg whites is said to be the purest forms of protein that a person has access to. There is 0% fat and cholesterol present in egg whites. These are super nutritious and are highly rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, egg white recipes are the perfect solution for diet conscious people and bodybuilders who always look forward for healthy food items that are not only high in proteins but also low in fats.

The Incredible Edible Egg


How to select the perfect egg?

It is said that choosing eggs also require a great set of skills and expertise. This is because age of egg plays an important role in making your egg white food recipe a success. As the age of the eggs gets older, the egg whites gets thinner and thinner and can be whipped easily for a greater volume. On the other hand fresher eggs are thicker and stick that’s why they take longer time to be whipped. Some of the professional cooks also suggest that the end foam acquired through whipping is more stable. The stabilization of the foam is considered to be an important aspect in making egg white recipes.

It’s Usage:

For preparation you should know that egg whites are whipped well when they are at room temperature. Using egg whites is also considered an art as it involves great expertise to separate the yolk from the egg white. It is very crucial that the yolks must not be mixed with the egg whites.

Egg whites can be utilized in your kitchen in multiple ways. Usually when they are whisked, they trap air in them and become foamy. Through whisking, the trapped air causes the volume to be increased. It is highly advised to use them at room temperature, if the egg whites were placed in fridge then try to bring them up to room temperature. Egg whites are also utilized in cuisines as a stabilizer as it minimizes the formation of crystals.


Egg whites can be frozen if you want to store it for longer term or storage. But always remember to use them at room temperature.

Macaroons Are Made with Egg Whites!


Famous Egg white Recipes:

The following are some of the most popular egg white recipes that are delicious and nutritious.

1. Chocolate Macaroons Recipe:

This is a great dish that is rich and delicious. It is very easy to prepare this dish. They are usually made with the egg whites that must be placed overnight in a cool place. It uses icing sugar, cocoa, ground almonds, egg whites, caster sugar and vanilla extract; as well as plain chocolate and double cream for Ganache.

2. Financiers Recipe:

This recipe is made in a special kind of tin. The butter and egg whites are the important ingredients that give them a distinctive and delicious flavor. Unsalted butter, honey, plain flour, icing sugar, skinned hazelnuts or almonds, flaky sea salt, egg whites and flaked almonds are used to prepare this dish.

3. Almond Tuiles Recipe:

This is another amazing dish that uses egg whites in its preparation. Butter, caster sugar, egg white, plain flour and slivered almonds are the ingredients used to prepare this dish.

4. Egg White Cake Recipe:

This is the best way of utilizing your left over egg whites. This is the plain version of cake and uses following list of ingredients to prepare this dish: egg whites, caster sugar, plain flour, potato starch or corn flour, baking powder and melted butter.

5. Egg-White Crepes Recipe:

This dish is prepared with whole wheat flour and uses skimmed milk and not to forget egg whites as major ingredients. From health point of view, this is a very nutritious dish. The ingredients include whole wheat flour, egg whites, skimmed milk, salt, vegetable oil, frozen berries and sugar.

High Protein Egg White And Veggie Omelette Recipe

Chocolate Macaroons by Pierre-Dominique Cécillon for Larousse Cuisine

Popup Cooking: Italy's Best Broccoli Frittata with Eggology Egg Whites

Chef Beating Egg Whites


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