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Professional Guide To Perfect the Grilled Cheese

Updated on January 19, 2015

How To Perfect Your Grilled Cheese

The Grilled Cheese. The delicious food we all grew up eating, and arguably one of the simplest foods to make. I love grilled cheese so much I wanted the world to know how to perfect the grilled cheese, the sandwich we all have been making for years. I think this sandwich is so good I could literally eat it every day of my life and be the happiest man on the earth.

This is not some recipe to cook for your kid, (unless you want to be parent of the year) this is a professional, five star guide to perfecting the grilled cheese sandwich, that would be perfect for any dinner parties or any other event in which you need to cook a quick but extremely tasty and professional meal. The grilled cheese (obviously) has three main parts to it, the bread, the cheese, and lastly the fat in which it is cooked in.

The Bread Is Everything In a Sandwich

The bread Most people don't even give the bread any thought, they just grab whatever is on deck and throw it on the slab. I bet most of you are familiar with American cheese on white bread grilled cheese. NOT do this. People think of bread as just something that cheese is just squished between. Get rid of this mindset. The bread is a big player here for our lavish sandwich.

High quality bread WILL have a very large impact on the flavour of the sandwich. So, what should you look for in selecting your bread?

Personally, a great bread is nice soft on the inside yet still has a real nice crisp crust to it, I favor: Baguettes, brioche, soda bread, and sourdough. A soft bubbly bread is real nice, the cheese slowly falls into the little holes adding an amazing texture to the sandwich. My personal favorite... brioche, but be creative and find a nice high quality bread to use.

Cheese. What You Did Not Know About It.

Cheese Alright, so now you have your delicious bread, so what's next? well the main, and most important ingredient... The cheese. Cheddar is an alright place to start but your going to want something interesting with more jazz to it.

I personally like to mix cheese that have flavour and texture, they make real subtle impressions. Some of these would be mozzarella and parmesan, or cheddar with blue cheese. Spice it up a little, this will ensure there is tons of flavour with a real nice texture.

My favorite would probably be blue cheese and mozzarella Or feel free to only use one type of cheese on your sandwich, simple flavors are more elegant.

A little bacon in the grilled cheese

The Fat. The last part of the sandwich, the fat. This is probably even more overlooked than the bread itself but still plays a very large role in the flavor of your sandwich. Personally I feel the fat adds the most flavor to the sandwich, but to each his own. That fat is what really completes the sandwich and just ties everything together so perfectly. Butter or olive oil both work out very well. Or why not combine them. add a nice layer or butter and drizzle a little olive oil on top. Both will add a nice base flavor to the bread.

Of course, there are other things you can cook a grilled cheese sandwich in. Butter, margarine, and lard all work out very well also, but I still prefer the simple old butter. Don't hold back on the fat, feel free to use more than enough.

My personal favorite would be dipping the sandwich in a little bit of left over bacon fat to really spice up the flavor. Doing this will be sure to create an explosion of flavor in your mouth and for your guests who's minds will be blown away.

The finishing touches of the art

After the grilled cheese is done cooking, you can top it off by sprinkling just a dash of parmesan cheese on top. Cut the sandwich diagonally, not down the middle, and serve toasty warm on a glass plate. Serve it with tomato soup for bonus points.

There are honestly almost an infinite number of ways you can make this delicacy know as a grilled cheese, so just be creative and have fun with it, and you will be sure to impress any dinner guest or family members.

Now go out their and make yourself the best grilled cheese you have ever tasted.

-Brandon The One

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