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Champagne: How It Is Made, Toast Facts, Riddling Racks | Champagne Delivery For Special Occasions

Updated on November 29, 2013

Champagne - How Is This Made?

There is something special about champagne that makes people to serve it each time there is a unique occasion that needs celebrated. Maybe it is because of its high price tag that makes it be a too luxurious beverage to serve with ordinary events.

Or maybe it is because this beverage is seen as a too much of a sophisticated drink to have it served on other events than the most special ones. Anyway, regardless which is the reason that determines people to drink this beverage, one thing is certain: this beverage has a special flavor that requires serving any special events.

The interesting thing about champagne is that is bears the name according to the region where the grapes are cultivated and harvested. The Vineyards in this regions have been at the beginning used to produce wine but back then people have noticed that the wine was still foaming after a period of time. It has been like this until 17th century when a monk Dom Perignon has discovered how to turn this wine production into champagne production.

The process requires that the grapes should be of Pinot Noir type that are harvested in such a manner that the skin shouldn't stain the juice. The entire process of fabrication is also conducted in the same manner: taking care for the juice not to be stained by grape skin. While fermentation takes place, more yeast is added to the process to turn the natural sugar contained in grapes into alcohol.

There are two fermentation processes where in the second one a mixture of cane sugar, brandy and still wine are added. At this stage the amount of sugar added will determine the strength of alcohol contained in the finite product from sweet to dry.

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A Few Facts on Toast

People are used to hear a toast when being invited to a wedding celebration where various attendants hold out the champagne glasses and address their wishful thoughts to the marrying couple. This is usually done throughout the wedding reception where guests and married couple sit at the tables and best man and maid of honor are supposed to hold the speeches.

But not only weddings are those occasions where champagne is served, since this beverage is more often favored for those events that mean something in the life of a person, a family or a working team. You will find also the Formula One races ending with the champions pouring champagne all over the audience from a huge bottle. Even if they do this, there is no toast made with this occasion, only rivers of this drink poured all over the place.

As mentioned above, champagne will be toasted also when something good and grandiose has happened in the life of a person. As such a speech is given while glasses are raised for celebrating the person. If you gather with your family on Thanksgiving Day, you can also toast champagne to show gratitude for the gathering family and the food on the table.

On this occasion it may happen for several members of the family to make a toast each one of them saying about how thankful they are for being together with the family. This is a way to make a toast for celebrating a day that has made for the family to be together at the same table.

How Champagne Is Made

The French Region that Produces Wines

There are many regions across France that produce various types of wines but the one that is very most famous for producing a special type of sparkling wine is called Champagne. Many people drink this type of wine across the world but there are only a few to relate this wine to this region, wrongly assuming that any type of sparkling wine is called champagne.

Well, for a sparkling wine to be named like this needs to be definitely produced in France in the region called Champagne. There are also other French regions such as Burgundy, Alsace, Provence, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, to imprint their characteristics to the wines produced in these regions.

The region where Champagne is located presents a specific weather that gives the grapes a special flavor. Its location, in the North Eastern part of France along Marne, Aisne and Vesle rivers comes with warm and sunny summer and autumns and cool winters.

The average temperature the year round is between 11 and 12 Celsius degrees. Another factor that contributes to the special flavor of the sparkling wine is the chalky soil that imprints a unique taste to this beverage. This soil is also a good place to dig the cellars where millions of bottles are stored to confer the right temperature for champagne drink.

Another interesting thing is the fact that champagne was initially made as wine but at that time, around 0 B.C., people had noticed that this wine would turn the next spring into a foaming wine. In the 17th century a monk called Dom Perignon has completed the process of fermentation creating the drink that we know of today as champagne.

Delivery for a Special Occasion

With the hectic life that people lead these days, it makes only sensible to resort to champagne delivery service when you need to celebrate a special event. Even if it comes to asking your girlfriend to marry you and you plan to do it at home with an intimate dinner by the candle light, then it makes sense to consider ordering for a bottle of champagne that can be delivered at your doorstep.

There are several special occasions that require marking the event with the sophisticated drink known as champagne. There is something special with this beverage that makes it more favored over other drinks. But it is definitely the price that makes it be ordered only for special events. For instance you can not pay so much for many bottles when you organize a birthday party. Well, of course you can, but is it worth spending this money especially that a birthday will happen again next year, there isn't too much of a special event, is it?

Well, for this fact you can order for some bottles of champagne when you get married and need this beverage for the moment when the reception party is on and best man and maid of honor need to make a toast with their wishful thoughts. At this point you may have to consider ordering the beverage through a delivery service to make sure that you get what you have been waiting for.

Champagne is definitely the drink that is the most suitable to mark special and unique events in someone's life. This is why it is worth spending that money: because that type of event only happens once in your lifetime - such as (hopefully) marriage is!

Champagne and Riddling Racks

If you want to find out more about champagne and the process of producing it you should read these lines to become more informed about this topic. There is always something fascinating to learn about champagne since the process of fabricating it is different than the one of making wine.

Maybe you didn't know, but before this beverage was invented it used to be also created in the form of a wine. But back them people have noticed that after a while the recipients that kept the wine was still foaming meaning that the process of fermentation still continued with that type of wine. It was until late in the 17th century when this sparkling wine was given the name of Champagne in accordance to the region where these grapes were harvested.

At that time, a monk (known as Dom Perignon) has invented the process of preserving the formation process into the beverage to turn it into a flavored sparkling wine. These days, sparkling wines are produced all over the wineries, but only the one that comes from Champagne region can be branded as real champagne.

The riddling comes as an important feature into the process of producing champagne. Riddling refers mostly to the process of collecting the sediment in a bottle and brings them near to the bottle mouth. Bottles are kept upside down in a riddling rack where they are positioned at 45 degree angle. The racks are designed as two rectangular boards that are combined with a hinge at the top. Each of the board can hold 120 bottles but there are as well other designs created to hold even more.

The bottle is marked at the bottom with a painted line and every few weeks the person dealing with the riddling procedure will twist the bottle a few degrees more. The procedure ends with bottles being placed in a freezing solution for several minutes. This will make the pressure shoot out the ice plug while the sediment is trapped within the bottle.


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