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Fruits Are the Best Tasting and Healthiest Foods

Updated on July 22, 2018
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At age 16 I was a volunteer at a hospital bacteriology lab. I became a chemist for U.S. government. Then I studied health & related fields.

Eat Mostly Fruit | Dragon Fruit

This is dragon fruit. This is from the article with 10 must try exotic fruits like rambutan, jackfruit, lychee, starfruit, durian and African cucumber.
This is dragon fruit. This is from the article with 10 must try exotic fruits like rambutan, jackfruit, lychee, starfruit, durian and African cucumber. | Source
This shows that more deaths are caused by a lack of fruit than by a lack of vegetables, nuts/seeds or whole grains! Click on picture for better view.
This shows that more deaths are caused by a lack of fruit than by a lack of vegetables, nuts/seeds or whole grains! Click on picture for better view. | Source
Megan Elizabeth has been eating an all raw diet with mostly fruit. Before this she ate a normal diet and was 55 pounds heavier. See below.
Megan Elizabeth has been eating an all raw diet with mostly fruit. Before this she ate a normal diet and was 55 pounds heavier. See below. | Source
The before and after pictures of Megan Elizabeth.
The before and after pictures of Megan Elizabeth. | Source
From a video of a woman dancing in a bikini. She has an all raw diet with 97% of it being fruit. She eats more fruit than anyone including 30 bananas a day. Click link below to watch video.
From a video of a woman dancing in a bikini. She has an all raw diet with 97% of it being fruit. She eats more fruit than anyone including 30 bananas a day. Click link below to watch video. | Source
Fruits that prevent and fight cancer
Fruits that prevent and fight cancer

Fruits: Healthiest and Best Tasting Foods

Since science is constantly discovering new things, it is good to know that this article was written in April 2011.

Michael Greger M.D. has a February 2016 article called The #1 Dietary Risk Factor is Not Eating Enough Fruit. It says:

The Global Burden of Disease Study published in 2012, is the most comprehensive and systematic analysis of causes of death undertaken to date, involving nearly 500 researchers from more than 300 institutions in 50 countries, and starting with almost 100,000 data sources. What did the researchers find? Here in the U.S., they determined that our biggest killer was our diet. Number 1 on their list of the most important dietary risks was not eating enough fruit, responsible for an estimated 4.9 million deaths a year around the world.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists: “If Americans ate just one more serving of fruits or vegetables per day, this would save more than 30,000 lives and $5 billion in medical costs each year.” One antidote for individuals is easy, painless, and even pleasurable: exploit the multiple nutritional and protective benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Greger also says:

On the other hand, eating more whole grains could save 1.7 million lives. And more vegetables could save 1.8 million lives every year. If only we ate more nuts and seeds, we’d save 2 and a half million lives. But fruit is apparently what the world needs most (they didn’t look at beans) with 4.9 million lives hanging in the balance every year. The cure is not drugs or vaccines; the cure is fruit. The #1 dietary risk factor for death in the world may be not eating enough fruit.

But when it comes to fruits, it is the reproductive part of the plant. The plants want you to eat them and spread their children (seeds) around. That is why they are sweet and colorful.

So you can eat fruits without hurting the plant in any way. Then when you or an animal travels somewhere else and defecates, the seeds come out unharmed and it is ready to grow in the ground.

You may have heard that orange juice is high in vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium. says that orange juice is great for heart health and even lowers high blood pressure.

The phytochemical that does this is a flavonoid called hesperidin. Hesperidin is also in grapes and chocolate and a recent article about the radiation in Japan says that hesperidin also protects you from radiation. From above article:

For the next two weeks they drank OJ [not-from-concentrate orange juice] fortified with vitamin C and for the two weeks after that they drank OJ fortified with both vitamin C and vitamin E. At the end of the final two weeks, most patients had blood pressure within the normal range.

You can go to health food stores and get a juice that has in it a blend of goji, mangosteen, acai and noni juice in it. Fruit is sweet and many people say that they love sweets. Queen Elizabeth said that mangosteen is the best tasting fruit. I hear that durians and cherimoyas are the best tasting fruits. Wikipedia says about chermoyas:

Mark Twain called the cherimoya "the most delicious fruit known to men."

In April 2013 I tasted a cherimoya for the first time. It is smaller than a grapefruit and cost $5 and was on sale from costing $8. It has the nickname custard apple. It has a very mild taste like an apple, but it is more juicy. Also it is very creamy like custard and very soft. So a big part of the appeal is the texture. I only bought one of them. If I had bought 8 of them I probably would have ate all of them at one time. Are there any other creamy foods that are sweet? Yes ice cream and people love ice cream but cherimoyas are very healthy. Please note that the sugar in fruit enters the blood very slowly.

I have an article about The Myth of Complete Protein. It explains that since there are no incomplete proteins, the U.S. government has stopped using these terms. One website uses complete protein to mean a perfect ratio of amino acids of 100 or more. Now on the above article it has the links so you can go and see that kiwi fruit is a complete protein with an amino acid ratio of 104 and that sirloin beef is not a complete protein since it only has an amino acid ratio of 94.

Fruits Have As Much Protein as Meat

So all fruits and vegetables (see above) have all of the essential amino acids. Also fruits have as much protein as meat! How do they determine how much of a nutrient a food has compared to other foods? They use a percentage (%) based on weight. That is heavy (slang definition meaning 'deep'). So if one food is 30% protein than it has more protein that another that is 25% protein.

So the next question in understanding the above, is how do you make a plant food 5 times (or more) as nutritious as it was. This means the food will have 5 times the amount of all the nutrients than it did before. So it is based on weight. What is the heaviest thing in foods? Is it the iron? No it is the water. So to make the food 5 times as nutritious, you take out the water. It has the same amount of nutrients but with the water taken out (dehydrated), the percentage goes way up-- through the roof!

So by dry weight fruit has as much protein as meat. Plant foods are high in water. Now if you ate the meat then you still need to get the water from somewhere since water is essential to keep you from dying from dehydration. So why punish the nutrition in fruit since it has a lot of water in it that you need anyway. Some fruits have 90% water. Note that water is heavy and the percentages are based on weight. has a Slideshow: 8 Nutritious Fruits That You Have Never Tried


A hot new super food loaded with antioxidants and fiber, beautiful pomegranates are available fresh in the fall. About the size of an apple, the deep red fruit is filled with jewel-toned seeds held in place with a spongy membrane. Only the seeds -- sweet-tart and crunchy -- are edible.


Acai berries stem from a palm tree in the rainforest of Brazil. This tiny, dark, round fruit is about the size of a blueberry (with a large, inedible seed) and tastes like chocolate and wildberries. Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is enjoyed mostly as juice in health drinks and smoothies or dried and mixed with granola. Called a “superfood”, acai is rich in anthocyanins (responsible for its royal purple color) and essential fatty acids, both believed to provide many health benefits.

Acai also has an essential fatty acid profile that is almost identical to that of olive oil so you get the same benefits as from olive oil when you eat this fruit. Another very healthy fruits is avocados that are mostly fat.

Tomatoes and watermelon are both fruits and the lycopene in them makes them red. The phytochemical lycopene is good for cardiovascular health and preventing cancer. But gac fruit has a lot more lycopene than tomatoes.

Gac has been shown to be especially high in lycopene content. Relative to mass, it contains up to 70 times the amount of lycopene found in tomatoes.

Watermelon lowers high blood pressure and is great for ED (erectile dysfunction). See Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon. Maybe you have heard of the essential fatty acids like omega-3 in chia seeds and fish, omega-6 in many vegetables and omega-9 in olive oil. Well sea-buckthorn fruit has omega-7 essential fatty acids. Please note that fruitarians eat nuts and seeds since they are hard fruit.

This video shows a woman with before and after pictures. She lost 40 pounds. She now looks svelte (slender, sleek). She has many videos on Youtube with her new body. She cured her thyroid problem and many other problems. What she did was change to an all raw vegan diet, but 97% of it is fruit.

Now she eats tons of fruit like 30 bananas a day. She ate a 22 pound watermelon for breakfast. See her video here. This is to show that fruit is the healthiest food and not fattening, no matter how much you eat!

I personally eat a lot less food than her. I do not have time to put much into eating food. I do meditation and fasting. I have fasted on just pure water for 22 days. I was not overweight when I started the fast.

Grapes have the phytochemical resveratrol in them. Resveratrol is anti-inflammatory and helps the body control blood sugar levels. Also any foods that are anti-inflammatory help cardiovascular health, prevent and fight cancer and reduce your chances of having a stroke or heart attack. Grapes are one of the dirty dozen foods that you are supposed to avoid if it is not organic.

I disagree. Get the organic red or black grapes if you can. But if you cannot then get the conventional ones. Grapes are very cleansing. Eat a pound of grapes on an empty stomach and watch how it cleanses your digestive and elimination systems. There are over 10,000 different fruits. Camu camu fruit has 70 times the vitamin C that is in oranges.

See Health Benefits of Pomegranates to learn how studies show that drinking pomegranate juice everyday can reduce plaque buildup in your arteries that clog your arteries. See Health Benefits of Cherries to see how an M.D. says that cherries are better than aspirin for reducing pain and inflammation! Note that all of the above are fruit.

The Dangers Of Not Eating Enough Fruit! Dr Michael Greger, M.D. Only 2.5 minutes!

Does Fruit Make You Fatter Than Fat Bastard

The BEST fat-burner food is BANANAS! like $6,000 watermelon & $4,000 for a bunch of grapes.


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    • Jen's Solitude profile image

      Jen's Solitude 

      8 years ago from Delaware

      Great article. I find some of my MS symptoms lessen when I eat apples at least once a day. I love all types of fruit though.


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