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Great Pancake Recipes

Updated on February 7, 2013

Pancake Recipes

I'm not a culinary genius and there are a few things I often struggle to make, they usually involve eggs and frying things! As such pancakes is one of those things I struggle with, lucky I have a hubby and a sister who are both a wizz at pancakes, so I usually get to sit back and relax when Pancake Day comes around.

I do on the other hand go in search of great recipes for them to make! Just to make it a little easier for them. Pancakes are one of those foods that you can make with such a huge variety of ingredients, the possibilities are endless. So to save you seraching the entire internet for a few really great and interesting pancake recipes, I have done it for you.

In this hub you will find the top 6 pancake recipes I could find on my travels all over the internet. I haven't made them all yet, but believe me we will be trying a few this pancake day. If they are as good as they look in the pictures I can't wait to taste them! I hope you enjoy this yummy pancake hub and don't forget to check out my other recipe related hubs and share with others if you like it!

Plus don't forget pancakes arent just for pancake day you can have them as a treat all year round, and they can make a great balanced breakfast if you add fruit as a natural sweetner and some good old fiber.

Sweet Ricotta Pancakes
Sweet Ricotta Pancakes | Source

Sweet Ricotta Pancakes with Figs and Honey

just the sound of this pancake recipe makes my mouth water. Sweet Ricotta Pancakes with Figs and Honey!! I mean seriously, yum! I found this recipe on BBC Good Food and I think it would be the perfect level of sweetness without being too sickly. The recipe seems pretty simple too, and ricotta is pretty healthy, plus with figs and honey adding a natural sweetness instead of so much sugar, these shoudl be pretty good for you. Almost a healthy pancake recipe.

Some Pancake Recipe Books for more Ideas

Banana and Macadamia Nut Pancakes
Banana and Macadamia Nut Pancakes | Source

Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes

Now the picture of these isn't hugely appetizing but I usually love sliced Bananas inside my pancakes (and muffins!) so why not put banana right in the batter. Adding Macadamia nuts will give it a little fibre rich kick too. I found this one on and the recipe is super simple to make. Think this might be popular with children too, as banana is another great natural sweetener

Rainbow Pancakes
Rainbow Pancakes | Source

Rainbow Pancakes

Oh arent these the brightest pancakes yo ever did see! Children will be loving these, just don't feed them too many or they will never sleep! These colourful delights can be found on I Am Baker and just require a basic batter and food colouring, pretty simple really, yet so fun. You could make them any colour to suit a party theme. Pancakes arent just for pancake day after all!

Coconut Almond Pancakes
Coconut Almond Pancakes | Source

Coconut Almond Pancakes

Isn't that picture just devine! I found this recipe on The Nesting Project (which is an awesome blog by the way! She has a ton of great recipes and DIY's) I have a huge bag of left over coconut since making macaroons and coconut ice at christmas time, so think this recipe may be at the top of my list. The combination of coconut and almonds is a classic taste, it usually reminds me of french patiserries and french macaroons! Yummy! So the thought of both those great flavours in a yummy pancake is great.

Strawberry Oven Pancake
Strawberry Oven Pancake | Source

Strawberry Oven Pancake

Ok hands up if you have heard of an oven pancake? Nope! Me either - unless it is a traditional American thing and it is just me the other side of the pond who has no clue. Wither way it looks yummy, like a giant sweet omlette! Hmm! I found this pancake recipe on Babble Blog. It is super simple, yet the end result is pretty darn impressive if you ask me. Just one of them will be enough to satify your breakfast cravings or your sweet tooth. Think of topping it with a little icecream and fruit compote, nom nom!

Chocolate Pancakes
Chocolate Pancakes | Source

Chocolate Pancakes

Now this awesome picture drew me in straight away. The recipe could have been for anything, it just looks freaking amazing! How impressed would you be to see this served up at a dinner party. I think looking like that it deserves to be served at a party, don't you think? The actually recipe is a pretty easy chocolate pancake, but it just shows what a bit of fancy dressing can achieve. I orginally found this over on Pintrest, but the actually recipe and tutorial on how to make it can be found on Heart Home Magazine - plus they have a huge amount of other yummy treats you could try.

Chose your pancake

So which interesting pancake recipe takes your fancy the most?

See results

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