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Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas

Updated on February 2, 2014

Lunch is the fuel that keeps our children going strong through the day. An unhealthy or missed lunch results in children falling sleep, being distracted or outright disruptive. Packing a lunch doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Here are some healthy and easy packed lunch ideas that your kids will enjoy:

Tasty gluten-free crepes for lunch
Tasty gluten-free crepes for lunch | Source

Pita Pockets: Half a pita stuffed with lunch meat, lettuce, tomato and cheese.

Pancake Rolls: Pancakes slathered with peanut butter and jam, peanut butter and Nutella, Cinnamon Spread, etc. then rolled up.

Dogs in a Blanket: Hot dogs that have been wrapped in a raw Pilsbury crescent roll dough and baked.

Crêpe Wraps: Chopped lettuce, tomato, lunch meat and shredded cheese with mayo all wrapped in a crêpe.

Rice Paper Wraps: Fried ground beef, mushrooms and red onions rolled in a rice paper wrap with sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Leftovers: Whatever is left over from super the night before. (My favourite was barbecued chicken or steak.)

You may also want to try:

  • Devilled eggs
  • Corn chips with a dip made of salsa and ranch dressing
  • Celery filled with peanut butter and raisins (AKA Ants on a Log)
  • Pasta or potato salad
  • Toasted turkey sausage bites

Coming up with healthy lunch ideas is easy once you've stepped outside conventional thinking. Be creative. Have fun.

What do you pack for a healthy lunch?

Post your suggestions below!

© 2012 Rosa Marchisella


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    • rcrm89 profile image

      rcrm89 5 years ago

      Some good ideas - one of my personal favourites is tuna pasta salads with curry mayonnaise.