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Holiday Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Updated on October 26, 2008
Sonoma Growers’ Choice Chocolate & Wine Collection
Sonoma Growers’ Choice Chocolate & Wine Collection

Are there a few wine lovers on your holiday shopping list? While it's always easy to buy a few bottles of wine for your friends and relatives who enjoy wine, you might want to consider expanding your horizons when it comes to selecting gifts for wine enthusiasts.

Books for Wine Lovers

There are many excellent books that wine lovers are sure to enjoy. There are numerous books about wine, as well as cookbooks designed to help people learn to cook with wine or make foods that go well with wine, as well as books designed to teach people how to pair foods and wines with each other for maximum enjoyment.

Vineyard Cuisine - Written by the owners of a renowned Texas winery, resort, and restaurant, this book is packed with delicious recipes created to compliment fine wines. In addition to numerous recipes that you can make at home, you'll also find a wine and food pairing guide in this book.

The Sommelier's Guide to Wine - If your friends or family members who are wine enthusiasts want to learn more about wine, this book is an excellent gift idea. It's designed for wine enthusiasts who want to learn how to select and appreciate wine, as well as for those who want to educate themselves about different types of wine, regions where wine is produced, and more.

Chocolates Infused with Wine Grapes - Any wine lover who also appreciates fine chocolate will be delighted to recieve a box of premium chocolate truffles offered by The Sonoma County Winegrape Commission as part of the organization's "Grower's Choice Chocoloate and Wine Collection". Each superb truffle in the collection is infused with the flavor of wine grapes from the best regions for growing grapes throughout Sonoma County.

Wine of the Month Club

Rather than giving a bottle of wine at holiday time, consider enrolling your friends or relatives who enjoy fine wine in a wine of the month club the next time you're looking for a holiday gift idea. There are many options for these types of clubs, each of which involves monthly deliveries of one or more bottles of wine to the recipient. Instead of sharing a single bottle at holiday time, this gift idea allows the recipient to enjoy an ongoing gift throughout the year.

Wine Storage Solutions

If you have friends or relatives who pride themselves on their wine collections, you may want to consider a wine storage solution gift idea. Wine racks are useful and attractive gifts that can be used to store and display wine as well as serve as decorative elements in the home of the lucky gift recipient. Before selecting this type of gift, it's a good idea to find out how the recipient prefers to store wine in his or her home, to make sure you aren't purchasing an item that isn't likely to be used.


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