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Home Made Soup

Updated on March 2, 2016

Home Made Soup


2 pints vegetable stock

6 medium carrots

i onion

2-3 large potatoes

1 leek

1 medium sized turnip

oregano,basil,rosemary,salt, pepper to taste

250 g of lentils

1- 400 g tin of chopped tomatoes

Very easy to make soup.

1-Chop all the vegetables up,and place in a large soup pot.

2-make up vegetable stock and pour over vegetable mix.

3-cook on medium heat for 45-50 minutes

serve immediately,can be blended for children if needs be.

Best soup ever.

Great Winter Warmer

 this is an ideal recipe for cold night. it lasts 2-3 days easilly, and warms up very quickly for a hearty meal, if your tired after a long day at work. Great family soup,very nutritious and virtually no fat in the soup.This is a great soup if you are dieting or just wanting to eat healthier for a while. Very easy to make.

Over and over.

ive made this soup so many times.ive varied the recipe now and again depending on what vegetables are available at the common theme occurs from each soup made,they're all delicious,hard to get wrong.



Best soup ever.

Tomato soup is by far my favourite snack. Ive eaten it regularly for years since I was a boy. I even tried to make my own soup one day my youngest daughter was feeling poorly. I did all the preparation,cooked the vegetables. After cooking I gave it a taste,I was pleasantly surprised,it tasted not unlike tinned tomato soup. My daughter loved it,she ate it quicker than I've ever seen an unwell child eat before. Since that day it's been requested many times,so I still make it on occasion.Its an inexpensive soup to make. Some soups can be quite expensive to make,but tomato soup is reasonably cheap to make.

Choices for tea.

What's your favourite soup?

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Add some more.

I've made this soup quite a few times now,recently I added a ew ingredient. I thought ,due to severe cold with the Scottish weather,I would beef it up a bit. So,I added a few handfuls of made the soup really chunky and filling. The kids came back from school,and really appreciated the warm offering for their arrival.They were freezing when they came in,it was minus 4 on the chilly scale. So my home made soup warmed up the bones of them all.

Fun and Games.


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    • tipperary profile image

      tipperary 8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing, you have made it look so simple, i will definetly try it!

      Will come back to read more!