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Homemade Elderberry Liqueur---Easy To Make Recipe!

Updated on September 29, 2010

Christmas Giving On My Mind!

The Elderberry Liqueur is the fifth item that is ready for the Christmas gift baskets. The elderberries this year were probably the best ever, big and soooo sweet. Quick and very easy to make.

(Check out this hub for more details about the Bakers dozen gift baskets. I've also added the links at the bottom of the hub)

Elderberry Liqueur was the cure all as far as my Granma was concerned. Even as a kid or teen if you complained about a tummy ache, a cold coming on or 'monthly lady cramps' out came the elderberry liqueur decanter with the tiny thimble sized glass measuring cap. Her rule of thumb was to dole out your age divided by five...if you were five years old you got one thimble full poured over a sugar fifteen you got three caps full. According to Gramps who used to tease Granma relentlessly said that according to her, the elderberry liqueur would cure even hangnails and cankers.

They, my grandparents, made their elderberry liqueur or cordial from scratch (through a still etc.) This is my adaptation and just as tasty as I remember the old style recipe tasted. The old style was possibly a bit stronger but didn't have the fabulous deep color of the new recipe.


~Large stockpot (enamel or stainless steel)
~2 gallon food grade plastic bucket with tight fitting lid (ask for them at Bakeries or Delies, sometimes they give them away for free or just charge a couple of bucks)
~large colander or strainer
~cheesecloth or large new cotton dishcloth
~blender or food processor
~long handled spoon
~large glass or stainless steel bowl
~   glass bottles with corks
~hand made labels


~14 - 15 cups Fresh Elderberry clusters which should give about 8-9 cups of juice
~80 ozs of clear 80 proof clear alcohol or any other liquor you like. Vodka, Gin, Tequila or White Rum, either of them will work great.
~8 cups of sugar
~5 cups water
~1/2 teaspoon almond extract
~juice of 3 lemons
~2 tablespoons salt


~Wash and remove all stems of the elderberries. You can freeze the berries if you do not have enough ripe ones at a time.
~Run them through the blender
~In stock pot bring the berry juice to a rolling boil and keep it going for about 3 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool about 2-3 hours.
~Strain through new clean dishtowel or cheesecloth. I like using a dishtowel better as it is more durable when squeezing.
~Combine sugar, salt, lemon juice and water to make a syrup keeping it at a rolling boil for 5 minutes. Add Juice and let cool.
~In clean sterilized bucket mix together all ingredients with the alcohol. Stir, lid and set aside in dark cool place for about 3-4 weeks. Stirring daily.
~Fill into sterilized bottles and cork and label.

The elderberry liqueur will be at its optimal flavour within three to four months. If kept in a cool and dark place it will be good for years. I don't know exactly how long from experience as mine always seems to 'evaporate' (yum) within the year.


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