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Who Invented Lipton's Instant Cup of Soup

Updated on August 16, 2012

John J Kagan

Inventor of Lipton's Instant Cup of Soup

I come from a weird but lovable family, on my father's side they were good people very religious but strict. I didn't take after them, my brother did, my mother's side were all the same, money was not at all their top priority, and I never ever remember any of them telling a lie of any kind. My uncle was my mentor and idle, he invented 2 billion dollar products. What is a billion dollar product you might ask?

The first was started in 1962 by my uncle John J Kagan and was called Lipton's Instant Cup of Soup, after the 15 year patent was up the whole Asian world now makes it by the millions of brands. The other product he invented he invented for Lipton's was Instant ice tea from real tea. He was in the grocery store one day and notice that Nestle had a product called Instant Tea and on the label it read REAL tea. So he bought a package and took it back to his lab at Lipton's and found out that it was a totally synthetic product. After discussing this with the management they charged him with finding out how to make instant tea from the real thing, which he did, and was written up in the prestigious magazine of the time called Men Of Science Magazine.

Then when they gave him run of the lab for his efforts he began to take the other products Lipton's made and fed the chemicals that were in their other products to his lab mice. He would come in the morning to find out his mice had cancer and reported that to the VP upstairs, who told him to get back to work. He told me that he did go back downstairs where he was inspector on the line, but quickly realized he was the one responsible for the authorization of these chemicals that he knew to cause cancer in his mice, which to him was not acceptable, even if they were mice, because as he said if a chemical makes cancer to any living creature it should never be given to a human.

He went back upstairs and told the VP to go fuck himself and quit. Then he got a job with the United Nations in Brussels, Belgium at the World Hunger Program and that made him even more disgusted in the world so he quit that too, because, as he said no one really gave a damn about fixing the problem of starving people, as they were more interested in flying first class, having dinner parties with gourmet foods and drinking expensive liquor.

Family genetics are strong, and I always wondered how I could give up million dollar job offers at such an early age and go off into a world I knew nothing about, and that has happened a few times now, I am almost 60 but I won't compromise myself just for the sake of money, and I learned that from my family but I think it was in my DNA from birth as well.

My book called Smuggling With Jesus is a true story and is very different and nobody at any time in history has had this story so I think it should be written and that is what I am doing at this stage of my life.

Birth Place Of John J Kagan

A markerLuniniec, belarus -
Luninets 225644, Belarus
get directions

This is now in Belarus, but when my family lived there it was in Poland. They were fortunate to get to Canada in 1929 the year of the Great Depression


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    • profile image

      Peter H. 

      7 years ago

      Amazing reading. Hopefully you will find somebody who will invest some money and publishes your story


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