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How To Make A "Moscow Mule" Cocktail

Updated on June 22, 2014

The "Moscow Mule"

The "Moscow Mule" tastes like Summer!
The "Moscow Mule" tastes like Summer! | Source

The Perfect Summer Drink

The "Moscow Mule" is a perfect summer drink. It is refreshing, easy to make an relatively cheap (If you want it to be)

The Economy Model (The Basic Drink)

50 mL
One shot
Ginger Ale
Almost one can
Unsweetened Lime Juice
1/4 oz
A splash

Upgrade Your Drink

If you are not the type that is satisfied with the bare minimum, it is time to take your drinks to the next level!

First, lets see what we can do with the base (Ginger Ale)

Many fancier drink makers use Ginger Beer. (I'm a fan of Reed's brand)

Ale8 , a regional drink of Kentucky, is my personal favorite. Add a little caffeine!

You can most definitely upgrade the Vodka, for a pretty penny!

Stolichnaya (Stoli) - A decent upgrade from the bottom shelf vodkas

Grey Goose - The midgrade option that is worth the extra cash if you have it.

Personally, I use bottom shelf vodka (Burnette's is cheap and fits the bill)

The Perfect Thirst Quencher (with booze)
The Perfect Thirst Quencher (with booze) | Source

Favorite Mixer

What is your favorite mixer for the "Moscow Mule"?

See results

The Final Stage (Taste Test)

One of the reasons I enjoy mixing drinks is that, if nobody is looking, I take a taste and see how I did. I gave you exact amounts to make a good drink, but a splash here and a drizzle there is usually how I do it.

There is no RIGHT way to make a drink. Just right for you!

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