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Cupcake Decorating Ideas ~ How To Make Frog Cupcakes

Updated on June 7, 2011

Cupcake Decorating Ideas ~ Fun for All the Family

Cupcake decorating is fun. It's inexpensive, creative, something the whole family can get involved in, and these frog cupcakes are a perfect starting point.

Yes it's possible to spend hours creating intricate designs with sugar flowers and stencils and making sure everything is just so ~ but that's really best left to the cake decorators.

What is much more fun is to learn a few simple skills then let your and your kids imaginations run wild. Make faces, flowers, monsters, whatever takes your fancy and generally speaking the wilder and wackier the better.

In addition to these frog cakes there are also many other types of animal cupcakes you can make such as elephant cupcakes, cow cupcakes, pig cupcakes and ladybird cupcakes.

A cupcake decorating party can also be great for a kids birthday party or any other event such as a wedding, anywhere you need the kids kept entertained for an hour or so.

Frog Face Cupcakes

What You Need to Make Your Frog Cupcakes


A flat topped cupcake ~ if you've ever had problems getting your cupcakes to come out of the oven with flat tops then be sure to read the article 'How to Bake the Perfect Flat Topped Cupcake' in the 'Other Cupcake Decorating Ideas and Useful Information' section below.

To make the frogs you will need:

Green and white sugarpaste

Black Royal Icing ~ alternatively you can use black writing icing, a black food colouring pen or black food colouring and a paint brush.

Circular cutters, 1 the width of your cupcake and 1 about 1" smaller in diameter. If you don't have specific cutters then look around the house and get creative ~ do you have plastic tubes i.e. ones sweets come in that you can use. If all else fails you can always make a template circle and cut around it (always make sure an adult does that bit).

How to Make A Frog Animal Cupcake

1. Using a cookie cutter cut out a piece of white sugarpaste big enough to cover your cupcake, using buttercream to anchor it in place.

2. With your smaller cutter cut out a circle of green sugarpaste to form the basis of the Frogs face. Attach this to the centre of the white sugarpaste. One of the best ways to get 2 pieces of sugarpaste to stick together is to use cooled boiled water and using a clean fingertip or paintbrush dab some water onto the the white sugarpaste and gently place the green sugarpaste circle on it.

3. Roll 2 pea sized pieces of green sugarpaste into balls and stick to the outer edges of the top of the green sugarpaste circle.

4. Roll 2 balls of white sugarpaste about half the size of the green pea pieces and stick them on top of the green pea pieces ~ these now form the eyes.

5. Using the black royal icing or alternative draw a vertical line down the centre of the whites of the frogs eyes.

6. Again using the black royal icing or equivalent draw a mouth for your frog, a smile always works well but having made this with many kids over the years don't be alarmed if you end up with red eyed, scowling monster frogs ~ kids seem to love them.

Frogs are only the begining of the story as far as cupcake decorating is concerned ~ watch out for lots more cupcake decorating ideas over the next few weeks


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    • Haj09 profile image

      Hajer 3 years ago from Tunisia

      That's nice, good job! :)

    • profile image

      Wasilah 6 years ago

      I like cupcake all my life

    • cre8tive profile image

      cre8tive 7 years ago from U.K

      Thanks StarryNightsDiva ~ love doing these, I pretend it's working but really it's just playing:)

    • StarryNightsDiva profile image

      Alissa 7 years ago from Rocky Hill, CT

      Adorable and sooo creative. Great job!