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Cupcake Stencils Create Fun Cupcakes

Updated on May 20, 2011

Cupcake Stencils Make Cupcake Decorating Easy

 If you want to create beautifully decorated cupcakes and cookies, but aren't sure your artistic skills are up to it, then cupcake stencils are the answer.

Cupcake and cookie decorating is great fun and is an activity suitable for all ages. It's perfect for both entertaining kids on a rainy afternoon and for creating beautiful edible works of art to give away as presents.

Easy to execute ideas however can be hard to come by, which is why cupcake stencils are so great as they are both fun and easy to use ~ and very versatile. Use them the create designs on cupcakes, cookies, full size cakes, desserts or cups of coffee ~ anything in fact that you want to make look beautiful.

Using Cupcake Stencils

To use a cupcake stencil you simply place it over the cupcake or cookie you want to decorate it and fill in the blank spaces using a variety of different edible mediums.

The simplest method is to simply shake icing sugar or cocoa powder over the design which gives an immediate, though one coloured effect.

Other options are to use food colouring, either with a brush or in spray form, or to use edible glitters, lustres or petal dusts.

If you want to use more than one color on your design then decide what color you want to use first, tape over the holes that you don't want that colour in, use the stencil as normal, remove, allow to dry, then repeat the process using another colour and taping over a different set of holes.

Get Creative and Make Your Own

Making stencils is much easier than it looks ~ if you use a bit of ingenuity.

If you think of a stencil simply as a way of creating a pattern it becomes a lot easier, for example if you wanted to created a cross hatch effect you could lay cocktails sticks across the top of a cookie or cupcake and sprinkle with cocoa powder.

It's also worth remembering that the 'hole' in the stencil doesn't need to be in the middle. For example if you wanted a butterfly stencil on your cupcake and didn't have one, but did have a butterfly cutter you could cut out a butterfly, place it on your cake or cookie, sprinkle or spray your chosen colour round it and then, when you remove it you are left with the outline.

There are a great many household objects you can use to create lots of fun designs, for example small coins (washed) can create polka dot effects, cooling racks give lines or crosshatch patterns, cut shapes out of card to create hearts or stars ~ in fact just let your imagination run wild ~ and remember to have fun.


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