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How To Prepare Tea

Updated on October 22, 2011

A tea cup is thought to be the most efficacious way to kick starts your day. It has got various medicinal values and was famous even in the old or ancient times. If want to know the recipe for the ideal cup of tea? Here are the few steps needed to prepare tea.

Utilize Fresh Cold Water

For full flavor of the tea, let the tap run for some minutes so that the water will be completely filled with oxygen, or use spring water or bottled water; just avoid flavorless distilled water.

Hot The Teapot

For preheating the teapot, rinse with almost boiling water, spin the water about, and discard via the spout.  If you omit this step, the water temperature will decline on contact with the cold pot and the flavor of the tea will suffer.

Evaluate 1 Teaspoon Loose Tea For 1 Cup (Or 1 Teabag For 2 Cups Of Tea)

Add “one for the teapot” if you fond of strong tea. Deposit loose tea in a teapot, fabric tea sock, infusing basket or paper filter. Wire lattice balls cramp leaves. If you utilize one, fill no more than halfway so water can circulate properly.

Fetch The Water To A Full Rolling Boil

When the vapor shoots straight up, just bring the teapot to the kettle and pour water over the bags/leaves. Dipping a tea bag in water constitutes mediocre tea.

Water that is not warm enough or over boiled consequences in flat-tasting tea. Cover up the teapot with the lid and promptly pop on a quilted cozy or pot holder to keep heat.

Make By The Clock

Never try to judge tea strength by its color.The bigger the leaf, the longer the brewing time period. Steep black tea 4-7 minutes; longer and the tea might be sour.

Herbal teas may take more time period. Oolong and green teas are more delicate than black tea. You do not want to cook the leaves, so brew 2 to 3 minutes with water that has not enough boiled.


Remove the bags/leaves to prevent further steeping. Stir the tea and serve promptly, or cover with a cozy or lid to keep it hot. The third cup will taste as good as the first cup!

How To Make/Prepare Green Tea?

  • Take a mug full of cold water into the sauce pan. You require heating the water in a pan rather than of a kettle so you can keep an eye on it. You do boil water for the black tea and not for green tea.      
  • Heat the water until it vapors and initiates to emit light bubbles. But turn off the heat only before the water boils. Brewing green tea in boiling water can make it sour or bitter.
  • Put the hot, steaming water over the tea bag in your cup.
  • Have the tea steep for two to four minutes--no longer than five minutes.
  • Now, enjoy your great cup of green tea.

How To Prepare/Make Proper English Tea?

  • Boil the water while making black tea. If making an oolong, green or white tea, do not boil the water; the leaves must be infused around 180 degrees F. or they will take out bitterness.
  • Preheat your teapot with hot water to keep optimum steeping temperature.
  • Now, quantify the tea. Too much or too little tea can ruin all attempts to make a good tasting tea.
  • Keep the tea into the infuser of your teapot or a mesh tea ball. 

  • Just as the water touches the boiling point, turn off the heat. Do not over boil the water as by doing this it loses oxygen, and tastes bitter. Pour out the hot water in the teapot. As the loose tea and boiling water meet, the leaves expand and unveil their flavorful infusion. This is known as the Leaves Agony.
  • You only desire to extract flavor, not the sour tannins. Depending upon the variety of the tea and your particular taste, infusions take 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Remove out the mesh infuser. Cover your pot with a cozy or lid to keep the tea hot and enjoy a cup.


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      MrTooree 7 years ago

      Great Hub !!! Thanks for all the great information !!!