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How To Season A Cast Iron Skillet

Updated on August 11, 2013

5 Reason Why To Cook With Cast Iron

Many people like cooking in the new none stick pans, but these pans do not hold up to a cast iron.

(1) A cast Iron skillet can go from stove, to oven, to grill, or even fire with out ever hurting the skillet, or the way it cooks.

(2) Cast Iron cooks evenly, and holds its heat better. Making it on of the best pans to fry in, or bake corn bread.

(3) Cast Iron will last for ever. There are even some cast iron pans still being used from early 1900's. I have one that belong to my grandmother back in 1930, that I still use all the time.

(4) Cast Iron has been shown to increase the iron in the food made it. So people who suffer from low iron may befit from using cast Iron.

(5) Cast Iron dose not add all the toxins into your food like non-stick pans, and is alot safer to cook with for this reason.

Why Season Your Cast Iron

Cast iron is the first none stick pan.The reason it is none stick is not a Teflon coating like most none stick pans, it is the oil used to season it.

Seasoning you cast iron pan will not only make it none stick but also helps with preventing rust, and other damage that can ruin your pan. A well taken care of and seasoned pan will last a life time. While they might take some work they are well wroth the investment.

With a well Season cast iron pan nothing will stick to it, and cleaning it will be a breeze. There is nothing better then cooking with a well taken care of cast iron pan. If you don't love your cast Iron yet, you well after you have seasoned it.

Cast Iron In Need Of Seasoning


How To Tell If Your Cast Iron Needs Seasoning.

A few tips to tell if your pan needs to be seasoned are

If you just bought it, go ahead and clean it and season it. Even if it says it is seasoned. Most of the time a new pan seasoning is very thin, and will only last one or two times of using the pan before it is gone, and besides who knows what they used to do this seasoning with. Even if you bought it off eBay, or at a garage sale, or friend gave it to you, go ahead and season it just to make sure.

If it looks dull go ahead and season it again. Your cast iron should be ink black. If it is not do a quick season on it.

If eggs and other food is sticking. This is a good sign that it needs to be seasoned again.

If it ever come into contact with soap. Sometime things happen like a child doing dishes, or a husband, or roommate. and your cast iron will get washed in soap. It is very important that if this happens you season the pan. as soap can pull out all of the oil in the pan from past seasons.

If you pan starts to rust. Some times the cast iron will not get dry after being washed, or it will get wet somehow, and start to rust. If this happens clean the pan dry well and season it.

If the seasoning starts to flake, or dent. f you notice in your pan things like a scratch,or dent or if it looks like it is peeling. you need to season.

Cast Iron With Oil


How To Season Your Cast Iron

(1) Clean Your Pan. Using water and a brush scrub the pan. If needed you can also use salt by pouring in a good amount and taking your brush and scrubbing it around. Rinse well and dry.

(2) Add about 2-4 Tbsp of Crisco to the pan, and place in the oven. let bake for 30 minutes at 350.

(3) After it is done baking, and cooled where you can safely do so, take a paper towel and rub the now melted Crisco all over the inside and outside of the pan. Cover everything. Drain off the extra grease, and place up side down over a cookie sheet back in the oven on the oven rack. Bake again at 350 for a hour.

( 4) When It is done take a pepper towel and rub all over the pan again, this time to remove any extra oil that might be left. Let cool. That;s it your done.

If you are using a brand new, never seasoned pan that is sliver when you bought it at this point. Fry some bacon in the pan. and when the bacon is done place the pan back in the oven and repeat set 3 and 4.

Well Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet


Tips For Caring For Your Cast Iron

So You Got Your Cast Iron seasoned now what?

Here a few tips to keep your cast iron in good condition,

Never use soap to clean you pan, It will ruin the seasoning on the cast iron and might even damage the the pan.

If your pan will not come clean just by water and elbow grease. Add some salt and scrub around.

After every wash, hand dry your pan the place on the stove and let it get hot for 3 minutes or so. to remove any water that might have gotten into the pours of the pan.

After the pan is dry and a bit of oil or Crisco to the pan and do a quick stove top season, by letting it grease cook in the pan for 3-5 minutes, remove the extra and rub allover the pan.

once a month or so do a full season on the pan.

If they pan looks like it needs it do not be afraid to season it again.

Cast Iron Seasoning 101

There is no reason to be scared about using a cast iron skillet everyday. They might need a bit more love and care then other pans, but they are so worth it. From the even cooking to all the function of the cast iron/ It is sureto be the go to pan in your home for years to come.


Do You Use A Cast Iron?

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    • chefmancave profile image

      Robert Loescher 

      4 years ago from Michigan

      Great Hub about cast iron fry pans. I inherited my Cast Iron fry pan from my mother who inherited from her mother. The pan is almost 100 years old and it still cooks the best Beef Stew. One note I will add to the Seasoning Instructions is to use Coconut Oil instead of Crisco Oil. Coconut Oil penetrates the metal surface better than other oil. (Chemistry is involved). Women like to use coconut oil to fix dry hair and skin because of this chemical nature.

      Chef ManCave

    • WhatToCook profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Springfield, MO

      Thanks for stopping by mbrownauthor. It is a good idea if you do not use your skillet a lot to season it before you do. to get the full benefit. My mom also cooked in hers all the time, that's where I got my love for them.


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