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How to Cut your Grocery Spending in Half

Updated on January 8, 2015

Most people would love to save money on their grocery bill, especially those coming from larger families. It is one of the most essential bills you'll have to pay, in order to ensure your family's wellbeing. That doesn't mean you have to spend so much money on it. There are ways to cut your grocery bill by a fraction of what you are normally paying by taking one or two proactive steps. If you implore many of these grocery saving tips, it can save you at least half of the money you are currently spending to purchase food every month from the grocery store.

Start by utilizing coupons to cut your costs. Coupons can be found in various places. The first place to search is online. You can go either directly to the manufacturer's website and click around searching for a free coupon. Or you can use their 'contact us' button to politely ask them to send some coupons your way. Search for companies you normally use coupons for anyway, such as Betty Crocker or Minute Maid. The second way you can find coupons online is by joining a site that contains many coupons you can print directly from, using their coupon saver program and their site. One such site is called After you register, you go through their pages upon pages of free coupons available for you to print. Be aware that some of these can only be printed one time and do have an expiration date so choose carefully. Another way is to join the ever growing trend of a coupon train. Online forums and social website groups often form coupon trains in which people get one another's addresses and send coupons to their online buddies' homes. It's a convenient way to share with others and receive in return. Coupons can also be found in magazines, newspaper inserts and advertisements in the mail.

Using coupons to save you money on your grocery bill can save you lots of cash each month, if you are consistent about using them. Keep an coupon organizer to help you remember to use the coupons in a time efficient manner and make the most use of saving money with them. Using coupons alone will help cut the cost of your grocery bill. However, using them during double coupon days at grocery stores will actually double your savings! It's a great way to get a lot of groceries for a great price. The way it works is you use your coupon as you normally would, but on a double coupon day. So instead of saving $0.40 on a can of beans, you would be saving $0.80! This makes it very low cost for you, and some items will actually come out to free after the coupon on a double coupon day.

Coupons tend to be for name brand items. However, for those items you do not have coupons for, use the generic brand or store brand instead. Depending on the item, you can save pennies to dollars on every single grocery item. Most of the time you aren't compromising quality to get a cheaper brand. It just means you aren't paying for that name brand company to advertise for more sales. Many generic brands taste just as great and at times, even better. Knowing you are saving money in your wallet is also a very big incentive.

If you cook for a large family or use a certain type of food quite often, then purchasing in bulk could be your answer to cutting grocery bills in half, in the long run. While the savings might not be immediate since you are purchasing food in large quantities that cost more than regular size, the next month you should see a difference in your savings. You might not be buying as much canned tomatoes since you purchased a big case in bulk, or you are getting bread at half the cost by purchasing the loaves in a pair, rather than separately. The cool thing about bulk warehouses such as Sam's Club and Costco is that they too have coupons for your use, which can save you even more money.

Cut down on what you really need. Perhaps you've been indulging in cookies and ice cream every month. It might be a healthier and cost-efficient idea to switch to fresh fruit instead. Create alternatives for the foods that cost you the most and cut back on what you really don't need. You might not really need the fancy gouda when regular Swiss will suffice. Or you might be able to stop buying jugs of juice when you can purchase the frozen cans instead. There are many ways you can get creative and switch up the groceries you buy in order to save you money each month. It actually might be the one thing that helps your family eat healthier as well if you are choosing to cut out unnecessary foods, such as junk food. Encourage other family members to join you in eating only what is necessary and healthy and you should see a difference in your wallet by the end of the month.


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