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How to Make a Fried Bologna Sandwich Recipe

Updated on July 17, 2011

Fried Bologna Sandwiches - It's a Southern Thing

If you're from the south, (USA that is), you've probably heard of and eaten a fried bologna sandwich. If you aren't, then maybe not. I confess, I've had many fried bologna sandwiches in my day. It's great comfort food.

They aren't healthy, that's for sure. But they're quick to make, they're cheap, and they are surprisingly good. I'm not a fan of traditional bologna sandwiches. But a fried bologna sandwich is a different beast entirely.

If you are looking for a fried bologna sandwich recipe, it's not really necessary. It's very easy to learn how to make a fried bologna sandwich. I can tell you step by step how to make a fried bologna sandwich, and give a few tips. Here we go:

Fried Bologna Sandwich Recipe

Fried Bologna Sandwich Ingredients

For each fried bologna sandwich, you will need:
2 slices of bread
1 slice of bologna (beef bologna fries best)

Before adding the bologna to the pan, cut 4 slits an equal distance apart in the bologna around the edges. Each slit should be about an inch wide. This allows the bologna to fry without curling up.

Add the bologna. No oil is needed. Fry both sides until the bologna is browned however you like it. I like my fried bologna crispy and almost blackened around the edges. My husband likes his barely browned.

Slap the slice of bologna on the bread.

That's it! You're done and have a slice of heaven in your hands.

Of course, this is a basic fried bologna sandwich recipe how to. Add your choice of condiments. Both mayonnaise and mustard are good. Some like ketchup.

Add anything else to a fried bologna sandwich that you like on any other sandwich. You can add cheese, (best if you melt it). American cheese is normally used, but cheddar or any favorite cheese is good. Also try tomatoes, onions, lettuce, or any combination. I know a few people that fry up an egg as well and add it to a fried bologna sandwich for breakfast.

Some people like to make theri fried bologna sandwich with toasted bread instead of fresh bread.

Personally, my favorite version of a fried bologna sandwich is just fried bologna and onions, with salad dressing (not mayo), on bread. I use raw onion, not caramelized. I like two slices of bologna or thick sliced bologna, too, not just one.

(Sorry, but I got a kick out of adding the cooking term 'caramelized' in a paragraph about fried bologna sandwiches.)

How to Make a Fried Bologna Sandwich Recipe Comments - Suggestions?

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    • profile image

      Bologna-head 6 years ago

      Using "caramelized" was funny. I'm off to sauté my Bologna.. :)

    • profile image

      l right 6 years ago

      I am in my late sixties and have been making and eating fried balony sandwiches since I was a child. There is nothing better than two pieces of fresh bread and 2 or 3 slices of beef balony fried until it is almost burnt. An think of all those people that have never heard of it or tried it.

    • profile image

      jordan 6 years ago

      as soon as i read this i knew i had to try one and instantly skipped the rest of school to go make one at my house. i made a great double decker with cheese and some mayo and mustard and now it's probably gonna be a new staple when my parents are gone.

    • profile image

      vernbvb 7 years ago

      I love fried bologna sandwiches! You are right about them not being healthy for you but every now and then I just have to have one. I fry my bologna the same as you except I also add a slit in the middle so that it will remain flat while frying. I use American cheese if I am making my triple decker bologna sandwich with onions lettuce and tomatoes. And if I am making sub-bologna-chili sandwich I use cheddar cheese with onions, lettuce and tomatoes. Both of these are ridiculously high caloried, high sodium and high cholesterol but once every few months I have to have one.

    • girlincape profile image

      Kasey Rubenstein 7 years ago from California

      That sounds like a guilty pleasure... I may have to try it.

    • kingis profile image

      Patrick King 7 years ago from Springfield, IL

      Good hub!! Actually, there is or was a restaurant in my hometown of Springfield that serves a fried bologna sandwich. My wife and I have fixed this sandwich for lunch. It is pretty good. I am partial to fried bologna and cheese melt sandwich. That is great.