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How to Roast Leftover Pumpkin Seeds

Updated on November 4, 2011

The secret to great roasted pumpkin seeds is removing all the moisture before you season. Set your oven to 250 degrees and cook them for an hour. In a pan, mix two tablespoons of vegetable oil and four tablespoons of sugar. Cook until sugar has melted and started to caramelize. Then add a tablespoon and a half of pumpkin pie spice and a few pinches of cayenne pepper to the sugar and oil. Mix until incorporated. Then add the pumpkin seeds to the mix--stir to coat. When coated, remove from pan and spread out on a baking sheet. Allow the seeds to cool, and they're ready to eat.They make a great snack with a glass of wine. Or use them to top ice-cream for a Thanksgiving dessert. My mother mixes them with cranberries, chocolate and nuts to make trail mix!

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