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How to make a cake not crumble

Updated on February 9, 2011

Here's How!

How to make a cake not crumble

Isn’t it annoying how your cake crumbles once you slice through it to take a piece? Well, I have a gathered a few tips that will help you avoid a disaster when you are ready to taste your cake.

            First tip, make sure that you measure your ingredients precisely as indicated. Some ingredients may look like it needs more or less of a certain ingredient, but if you want to avoid crumbling, follow all the measuring correctly. And make sure that you let the cake cool completely. The cake will fall apart when it is not completely cooled, so sometimes chilling is helpful.

Another tip is to use a really sharp knife. It also helps when you dip your knife in hot water, shake off the water, and cut the cake. Repeat the dipping after every cut. Another way to cut it is by using dental floss; just make sure you cut the cake before you serve it to your guests.

            Third tip, make sure to prepare your pan before placing the cake on it. Spray the pan with baking spray, and then line it with parchment paper. This will ensure that the cake will be easier to remove. The cake crumbles on the sides when it sticks to the pan you are using.

One reason for crumbling is when you mix the batter too long. If the batter is mixed too long, there is too much air incorporated. The batter becomes lighter as a result. Mix your batter at a low speed to make sure this does not happen.

            Fifth tip, add extra eggs to your batter. The protein and the consistency if the eggs will toughen up the eggs. But this will not work for all cakes because the cake will become chewier, unless your cake is intended to be chewy. It will also become less tender and more flaky than it should be.

            Make sure that you bake the cake in the exact amount of time or a little more. When the cake comes out a bit wet or soggy, bake it for a few more minutes. This can add a lot of complications when served as is. Use a toothpick and puncture the middle of the cake, when batter sticks to it, it isn’t done. When your batter has too much flour and too little liquid, this can be a cause of some problems. Make sure to measure your flour exactly as indicated, or take out a few cups if needed. And make sure the water is enough, and you can always add a bit more when you think the flour is too overpowering. If the same problem keeps occurring even if you have tried everything that you could think of, there is a definite problem to the recipe. Change the recipe and find a better one.

            I hope some of my tips can help you avoid the crumbling problem of your cake. Thank you for reading, dear reader.


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    • Florida Guy profile image

      Chen 7 years ago

      Hi DeBorrah :-)

      Thanks for the nice comment :-)

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 7 years ago

      Florida Guy, Great baking tips on how to improve your cake baking! Thank you for sharing, Peace & Blessings!