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I Am Not A Chocoholoc !

Updated on May 11, 2009

Chocoholic? Me? No, never! I am not addicted to chocolates! Addiction is for weaklings. I am strong willed . I really am! I only have chocolates for breakfast and after dinner desert. That little chunk after lunch is not worth the mention. Of course , everyone needs an afternoon pep up.It is so cumbersome to make a cup of tea or coffee and the caffeine in chocolate is equally good enough ,so it does make sense to have just chocolates!

It is not at all logic to run all the way to the kitchen to open a box of chocolates. So, I keep a box of chocolates near the front door, one near the telephone and another one on my computer table. There! There! No running, no slipping, no falling. See, how careful I am! My other redeeming quality is making quick decisions. When I go shopping and see all the dark, white, milk, nutty, plain or liqueur chocolates made by exotic chocolatiers , what do I do? I have to make snap decisions, it's my policy. I pick them all up! See, I never compromise on my ideals!

Heard the good news? Scientists have discovered that chocolates are good for prevention of cancer and heart diseases. Yes, I always had this inner feel good feeling about chocolates being good for health. There's a tiny hitch though, in what the scientists are claiming. Dairy products and sugar added to chocolate effectively cancels out the healthy antioxidants in the cocoa itself. In that case, I'll have dark chocolates, no problem! Dark chocolates are rich in chemicals called flavonoids, which lower blood pressure and help blood flow. I do have natural intuitions about chocolates!

Those amazing researchers suggest a chemical in chocolate mimics marijuana. God! Have I ever felt high? Never! Maybe chocoholics do. No doubt, I do become a wee bit peppy and full of optimism! Furthermore, I do feel a little extra happy after eating chocolates. Incidentally, the cocoa in chocolates are loaded with PEA (Phenylethylamine) a chemical found in the brain of happy people .When you fall in love, it is believed that PEA level shoots up. Am I in love? Stuff and nonsense! Cupid did not aim his arrow on me, wait! Maybe the arrow was dipped in chocolate? See, I told you I am not a chocoholic !

If things go wrong in your life, try my recipe for mood booster. Pop in some chocolates as the cacao in chocolates works like an antidepressant with none of the negative dangerous side effects of antidepressant drugs! Chocolates have also has been linked to improved learning and memory, well who wants to end up having Alzheimer? So it is good to munch more and more of chocolates! Do I sound like a chocoholic? Definitely not! But then, I certainly do have valid reasons for eating chocolates unlike chocoholics!


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