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January 23rd, It Is National Pie Day!

Updated on January 23, 2017

Yummy Pecan Pie

One of my favorite pies is the yummy pecan pie, loaded with fresh pecans!
One of my favorite pies is the yummy pecan pie, loaded with fresh pecans! | Source

A Southern Delight

Yep, that's right! The pecan pie is a Southern Delight. I've included a video of how to make an easy pecan pie. Personally I do a lot better when I see something done. Yes, I use recipes from books, and clippings but I do love a video. I keep them on my device and when ever I get ready to make a pie, it's at my finger tips, in alphabetical order. It's so much easier than a cook book.

Okay, so I'm lazy! I think it's about time to gather some pecans and make me a pecan pie. I'm so sorry you won't be able to taste mine but you can quickly make one. I really just make sweets for the family, I have to watch my sugar level!

How To Make A Pecan Pie

National Pie Day and Charlie Papazian

National Pie Day and Charlie Papazian, a surprise to me to see a combination like a nuclear engineer and brewer. I think his true love really was with brewing because he's written 5 books on the subject. Charlie named National Pie Day to be celebrated on his birthday, Jan. 23rd.

Charlie also founded the Association of Brewers in 1979 but later merged with Brewers Association of America. After the merge, he was named president of the combined organizations.

Of his 5 books written, the most popular was the Complete Joy of Home Brewing, know as the home brewer's bible. What a book! It sold over 900,000 copies, 25 reprintings and 4 editions. It is the only book to provide in-depth information on the subject of how to brew beer at home.

Charlie Papazian is from Boulder, Colorado where he was a teacher. This man has so many major accomplishments. I wonder if he ever made any homemade peach cobbler? I love peach cobbler. I suppose being from the South has a lot to do with my taste for certain pies. Other pies that I like are sweet potato pie, blackberry cobbler, and apple pie.

When a was a little girl, my mom cooked the best homemade pies fit for a queen! We grew our own sweet potatoes and they were harvest and put in what is called a potato hill. When mom was going to make a pie, she'd just go out and dig up a few. As for the fruitty pies, my cousins and I would go out and gather fruits from the trees and pick black berries straight from the briar patch. It was simple living then.

Charlie Papazian

He wrote 7 books-Complete Joy of Home Brewing, Institute for Brewing Studies, Brewers Publication, The Great American Beer Festival, The World Beer Cup and Zymurgy Magazine
He wrote 7 books-Complete Joy of Home Brewing, Institute for Brewing Studies, Brewers Publication, The Great American Beer Festival, The World Beer Cup and Zymurgy Magazine | Source

Can You Imagine

Charlie Papazian's book sold over 900,00 copies and the home brewers called it the "home brewer's bible!"

American Pie Council

The American Pie Council has been hosting the National Pie Day event annually since 1986. If you are interested in becoming a member of the American Pie Council, you can apply right on their website here:

They are accepting Amateur, Professional, and Commercial memberships. The quarterly newsletter, Pie Times, will keep you up to date on what's new in the "pie world." Joining is easy as pie and you reap all the benefits that the American Pie Council has in store for those who are interested.

  • Becoming a member has benefits, there are cook books with pie recipes, t-shirts and caps available at their website. There are also pie recipes but you must join in order to see them. Get in on the events:
  • The National Pie Championship
  • The Great American Pie Festival
  • Pie Industry Seminar
  • Pie Connections
  • National Pie Day

I plan to join the American Pie Council because of the recipes. I don't cook a lot but I'd like to try some of their recipes for my family. I have a granddaughter that will run over you for a piece of sweet potato pie! My husband would be right behind her. He sneaks and eats!

The Goodness of Pie

4 stars from 1 rating of The Classic Pecan Pie

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