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Italian Dressed Chicken

Updated on March 25, 2011

Could This Be Any Easier?

Easy Chicken Dinner for the Family

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (figure 1 breast per person and you’ll have leftovers)

Cut the breasts into bite size pieces and cook over medium-high heat in butter adding ½ to 1 whole bottle of Italian Dressing.

When chicken is nearly cooked through add some fresh or frozen vegetables (be creative, any blend will work) and simmer, stirring occasionally, while you prepare salad and boil rice (brown or white).

Serve Italian Dressed Chicken over rice and add (if desired) one of the following: soy sauce, orange zest, lemon zest, or dill.

Chill leftovers and spoon over bed of baby lettuces for tomorrow’s lunch.

 Written by Debra Chapoton, author of EDGE OF ESCAPE


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