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Jenn Air Outdoor Gas Grills

Updated on September 14, 2012

Jen Air Grill Features

Jenn-Air grills are sold at Lowe's stores and also on the Jen Air website.

Nice Features

  • Built-in Grill Lights
  • 52,000 BTU Gas Grills- Four Burners each with 13,000 BTU
  • Burners are all Stainless Steel
  • Flame Control Feature
  • Easy Cleanup (no charcoal)

Each burner on the Jenn Air has its own ignition. You can choose exactly how much of the grill surface you want to heat. And the non-stick grill grates are great because they make for easy cleaning. The Jenn Air has some insanely huge stainless steel knobs, I guess the purpose is to look like something you would see on the Food Network or something. But they are easy to turn. There is a really cool Wok that you can purchase for a little bit more if you want to cook any Asian fare.

Jenn Air Outdoor Grills are gaining in popularity because they are not very expensive and yet they provide a high quality outdoor dining experience.

How many people do you grill for in your backyard bbqs?

See results

What to Look For in an Outdoor Grill

Size is one of the most important factors in choosing a grill. Ask yourself how many people you are likely to cook for on the grill.The general rule of thumb is 100 square inches of cooking surgace for every person you want to cook for. If you plan on cooking for 8 people, you are looking at 800 sq inches; 3 people and 300 sq inches would be fine.

Gas burners tend to be cheaper forms of grills than others, and they burn in a very clean fashion. Just as long as the base is very stable so as to prevent any spillage. One feature that many people like is control knobs on the grill. These allow you to regulate very specifically how much heat you want. Some models have shelving and various accessories with the grill.

If you want a compact grill that you can just pick up and take with you to the park or camping, look at the Weber Q 120. It is high quality and highly maneuverable.

Grilling Temerature Test (Warning: Fun and Dangerous)

Gas grilling is nice because you can heat them up in about 10 minutes instead of the old charcoal grills which took around 30 minutes to get hot. A fun little rule of thumb to find out if your grill is hot enough. Put your hand above the heat and see if you can hold it there for more than like 4 to 5 seconds, if you can then keep heating.

Grill Threats

I grew up being called a "scardy grill," so I know how to give grill threats. I've both received and administered some serious grill threats in my day.

So here's how it works. Grit your teeth and tell somebody who deserves it that you're going to grill them like a chicken. So that is the original, but now be more original. Say, "I will first squirt you with brother benny sauce, and then I will grill you like a dog." That's not bad. But come up with your own. Base your grill threat on something you grill at yoru home (this makes the threat more realistic, especially if you have had your victims over for some BBQ. "I'll make you into grilled bunny, roasted in raunchy sauce."

Just never grill threat the president. Although this is not specifically forbidden in the constitution, NEVER GRILL THREAT THE PRESIDENT!

Jenn Air Outdoor Grill: Clean and Mean

The most economical thing about the Jenn Air Outdoor Grill is that you can heat specific parts of the grill without having to heat up the whole thing. This is great for family eating and even lonely eating. There is no need to invite the neighborhood over every time you fire up your grill.

The grill lights turn your yard into Yankees baseball stadium, and cleanup is easy because no charcoal is involved in the process. The Jenn Air Outdoor Grill is classy with the stainless steel burners. And those giant knobs are pretty cool too.


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