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Leftovers Cookbooks: Learn How to Make the Most of Your Food Budget

Updated on July 17, 2011

Learning how to properly use leftovers is a great way to cut down on your food budget. When you know how to prepare and serve leftovers (and you actually do it!) you can save a significant amount of money and time and help encourage healthy eating habits for everyone in your household.

When you learn how to make the most of leftover food, you can also have a positive impact on the environment by reducing food waste and being able to cut back on trips back and forth to the grocery store. What could be better than that?

Learn How to Use Leftovers

Learning how to use leftovers is an acquired skill. If you find yourself staring at the leftover items in your refrigerator without having any idea what to do with them, consider checking out a few cookbooks designed to help home cooks make the most of the food that they have. Not only can you learn how to create tasty and unique meals by combining bits and pieces from your refrigerator shelves with standard pantry items, you'll also learn great meal planning tips that can help you save time by learning how to cook ahead with planned leftover meals in mind

2 Recommended Leftover Cookbooks

There are a number of great cookbooks available that are designed to teach readers how to create tasty dishes from leftovers that even the most finicky eaters are sure to enjoy.

You may need to experiment with the recipes and suggestions to find items that are a hit in your household, but the results will certainly be worth the effort when you hit on a few favorites that can help you make a positive impact on your family budget's bottom line.

Two of the available how-to cookbooks for leftovers that you may want to check out are:

Use It Up Cookbook: Creative Recipes for the Frugal Cook

Use It Up Cookbook: Creative Recipes for the Frugal Cook by Catherine Kitcho is aneasy to use cookbook includes detailed instructions for more than 125 different ways you can use common kitchen leftover items.

It's organized in a manner that will make it easy for you to find something to do with whatever happens to be lurking in your refrigerator. That's because the chapter divisions are based on a single ingredient. If you have leftover rice, simply flip to the rice chapter and you'll find several suggestions for what you can make paired with detailed preparation instructions.

There are also many handy tips that people who are trying to make the most of their family's  meal budgets will find quite useful, including information about proper food storage techniques.

The Thrifty Cookbook: 476 ways to eat well with leftovers

The Thrifty Cookbook: 476 Ways to Eat Well with Leftovers by Kate Colquhoun is written with the needs of budget-conscious home cooks in mind. You'll find hundreds of great tips and suggestions for people who want to maximize the most of their food budgets while preparing delicious meals that will be popular with family members.

You'll learn how to prepare many creative recipes with leftover meat, rice, pasta, and many other items. You'll also learn how to make the most of your food ingredients. For example, when separating an egg for a recipe that calls for egg whites only, it's wasteful to throw away the yolk.

This book provides suggestions for what you can make with such "extras". You'll even find tips for transforming stale bread into tasty treats. More than just recipes, this book is also a useful resource for frugal minded people. For example, in addition to the many terrific recipe ideas, the book also contains great shopping tips that can help keep you from wasting money in the supermarket.

Share the Wealth: Give the Gift of Leftover Cooking Skills

Leftover cookbooks can make a great addition to your own kitchen collection, but you're certainly not the only one who can benefit from learning how to make the most of your food budget and finding out how to reduce waste in your kitchen.

Consider giving one or both of these great cookbooks as a gift the next time you need to purchase a special occasion gift for someone who is responsible for managing a household budget or preparing family meals. Pair the book(s) with a set of food storage containers for a perfect frugal cooking themed gift.

These practical cookbooks filled with environmentally friendly, money-saving ideas are a great gift idea for newlyweds, young parents, individuals who are setting up housekeeping on their own for the first time, those who are trying to incorporate frugal living tips into their lives, and anyone else who wants to learn better ways to keep household food expenses under control. Who wouldn't like to receive such a practical and useful gift on a special occasion?

Share Your Favorite Titles

These are just a few of the many great cookbooks designed to help people master the art of putting together delicious meals using leftover food items. Do you have a few favorite leftover cookbooks titles of your own? Please share your personal recommendations for helpful leftover cookbooks in the comments section below!


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  • Which4u profile image


    8 years ago from Leicester, UK

    Great hub! I'm a huge fan of putting all of my left-overs together and making something nice! Great for experimenting with different flavours, i've been pleasantly surprised how well some things work together!


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