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Logan's Roadhouse Coupons

Updated on May 29, 2012

Are you looking for money saving Logan's Roadhouse coupons and discounts? Coupons for Logan's Roadhouse can be used on most of Logan's menu items including steaks, chicken and seafood. Current Logan's discounts can be found on their official website. This page will give you information about where you can find Logan's printable coupons on the Internet and current special offers from the steakhouse.

Logan's offers its customers a fun dining atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a place for a family night out or a quick lunch with co-workers, Logan's has something for everyone. Each restaurant offers a full service bar and do not forget the free peanuts (throw the shells on the floor, they will clean it up).

Where To Find Logan's Roadhouse Coupons

Logan's Roadhouse coupons can be found from several different sources.  If you are looking for Logan's Roadhouse printable coupons, many coupon sites on the Internet will occasionally have coupons for the steakhouse.  Logan's will periodically have coupons in your local newspaper.  These are typically found in the Sunday edition.  You can also sign up for special offers on Logan's website.  You may receive coupons in the mail.

2012 Logan's Roadhouse Specials

Logan's Roadhouse is currently offering two full meals for $14.99. This special offer is available all day Monday-Wednesday and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. everyday. Take advantage of this offer before it expires. If you plan on taking your kids to Logan's, take advantage of their $2.99 kids meals.

Logan's E-Nut Club

The Logan's Roadhouse "E-Nut Club" is a way for you to receive special offers from the family steakhouse.  Registration is free on their website and you will be asked to choose your local restaurant.

Who Has Your Favorite Steak?

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    • profile image

      Beverly Nolte 4 years ago

      We eat there all the time !!!! Need something for Mother's Day

    • profile image

      B J 6 years ago

      I love Logan's restraunt, can't beat the quality of food for the price being paid. Always enjoy a good coupon to go along with the saveings, helps pay a better tip as well.