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Popeye's Chicken Printable Coupons

Updated on April 6, 2011

Popeye's coupons can save you money on their cajun-style fried chicken. This page provides information about where to find the best Popeye's dollar-off printable coupons.  Information about Popeye's discounts and specials can be found on their official site, Popeye's is a chain of fast food restaurants that is known for their Cajun-style fried chicken and sides. Founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, they has been serving the taste of Louisiana since 1972. In addition to their spicy fried chicken, their menu includes chicken sandwiches and tenders, fried shrimp and red beans and rice. Recently, the restaurant started offering Southern sweet tea made with real cane sugar. If you are looking for the taste of Louisiana close to home, you may enjoy dining at your local Popeye's Chicken restaurant.

Where To Find The Best Popeye's Coupons

The best place to find 2011 printable Popeye's coupons is on their official website. The coupons tab on the site will give you access to their printable coupons. You will be able to enter your city to find the coupons available in your area. Make sure you choose which restaurant you plan to visit. Each restaurant may have different coupons and are redeemable at the location printed on the coupons. The printable coupon must be presented when you order and you are limited to one per customer.

Another great way to save money is by joining their "Bonafide Krewe." Members will receive information about new items, special offers and occasionally printable coupons.

Popeye's Restaurant History

Since 1972, Popeyes has been serving Louisiana style chicken dishes. Their first fast food restaurant, "Chicken on the Run", was in Arabi, a suburb of New Orleans. Originally, they only served fried chicken that was not spicy enough to appeal to their diners. Copeland, the restaurants founder tweaked their menu and expanded their business to over 500 restaurants by 1985. Many people think the name "Popeyes" came from the famous cartoon. However, the name actually came from the movie The French Connection and character Popeye Doyle.

Classic Popeye's Commercial

Popeye's Menu

Popeye's entrees:

  • Spicy or mild fried chicken
  • Chicken strips and nuggets
  • Chicken sandwiches
  • Chicken wraps
  • Chicken Bowls
  • Fried Shrimp

Popeye's Signature Sides

  • Red beans and rice
  • Mashed potatoes with cajun gravy
  • Cole slaw
  • Cajun fries
  • Cajun rice
  • Biscuits

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    • profile image

      preeti22 5 years ago

      hye thanks for popeyes printable coupons with that i can it my yummy popeyes meal in lower price it is really money saving offer from popeyes

      Visit on:

    • profile image

      JulieAnne 7 years ago

      Marshmallow - I totally agree! We need a Popeye's badly in my town as well.

    • marshmallow_fluff profile image

      Samantha Jo 7 years ago from Junction City, KY USA

      I love Popeyes! I wish we still had ours in my town. :(