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MIld Spagetti Sauce

Updated on November 26, 2009

My Way

I happen to enjoy Spaghetti and the sauce that goes on it. When I enter the kitchen for this particular food preparation the outcome is satisfying. The recipe is relatively simple but delicious. I have the opportunity to visit a farmers Market on Thursday in Long Beach Ca. The fresh smell Of Bell pepper, Onions Garlic, Jalapenos and of course those juicy tomatoes. I make an attempt to purchase the best ingredients for this meal. I purchased a Stainless Steel Wok just for recipes like this one. This is how it is prepared. I First, peel, crush and dice fresh garlic about four cloves, Then I slice one jalapeno and take the seeds out but not the rib. The rib contains the heat of the pepper. Then I slice my onion and bell pepper finely. In the wok over medium heat a quarter cup of Olive Oil and I saute the above ingredients until tender. Then I dice three large tomatoes and saute them until it resembles chunky Salsa.

The Ingredients are:

1 seed and sliced thin jalapeno

1 quarter cup Olive Oil

4 Cloves of garlic peeled, crushed and diced.

1/2 Bell Pepper sliced thin

1/2 Onion Sliced thin

3 Large Tomatoes cored and diced

In a wok over medium heat saute the garlic onion, jalapeno, and Bell pepper until tender.

Then add the 3 cored and diced tomatoes( please don't cook the tomatoes to death) it kills the flavor Add oregano to taste at the end That is why I'm putting it here. Because it goes in last. I don't know what happen I was in the middle of this recipe and it vanish asĀ  you can see it is similar to the fresh spaghetti recipe. I will leave it because it is mild. If you leave those seed in the will haunt you.


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