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Main Squeeze - Juicing Recipes For Your Healthiest Self: a cook book review

Updated on April 8, 2016

If you've checked out prepared whole fruit and veggie juices at grocery stores -- even those made in-house with their own unsalable, past their prime produce -- you've seen that they're hideously expensive! Little bottles, pretty much the size of a soda, can be $7, $10, $12. We're not talking about exotic ingredients, either. Most of these juices have inexpensive and hearty greens, plentiful in season fruits, grown anywhere and everywhere root vegetables.

But we as consumers feel hostage to these prices, knowing the benefits of juicing for our health and well-being. People now know that they can't possibly eat enough salads on a daily basis to get the fiber and vitamins that are needed to flush out toxins, have clear skin, prevent disease. Most of the food Americans eat is processed, salted, preserved. Much of what we consume has questionable ingredients. We know we need juice!

Fortunately, we can make our own nutritious juices, at very low cost, right at home. Main Squeeze - Juicing Recipes For Your Healthiest Self by Iris McCarthy and published by Cedar Fort, is a book filled with simple, easy to make recipes. I was happy to be hosted to read a review copy.

Main Squeeze is printed on heavy, glossy paper and filled with gorgeous color photos. The pictures give you a true idea of the consistency and hue of the juices that you'll be making.

First, the book goes into the various types of fruit pulverizers, along with their pros and cons. It makes it very understandable for the consumer in deciding what product he or she is going to invest in.

The next section lists several micro-nutrients, their specific health benefits and the best fresh sources of them. Following that, commonly used -- and some less commonly used -- fruits are discussed. Not every fruit is created equal and some are grown on farms with heavy use of pesticides and chemicals.

The rest of the book is divided into health benefit sections.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with "detoxing", the Detox and Wellness chapter will be eye opening. So many ailments are dietary related and years in the making. For instance, gout -- in simplistic terms -- comes from foods such as red meat and fatty meats that some people stop being able to digest properly. The pain from gout-inflamed joints is not to be believed! Detoxing helps us push out the undigested food through the colon. Though this is not a medical advice book (or article here), it's easy to see how fresh, fiber-filled foods can clean out your insides, just as a loofah sponge cleans dead skin cells off your body.

Additionally, there are sections on energy boosters, soothers, skin refreshers and even mocktails, since alcohol is undesirable for the system.

I appreciate that the recipes listed have very few ingredients and all are made from easily accessible produce. There are sugar free ideas for flavoring, such as mint and ginger, which in themselves have nutrients. Also, there are suggestions for keeping calories and fruit sugars low, such as water, coconut water and tea.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Wish I could buy this book in store


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