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Meatloaf Doritos Taco Recipe

Updated on January 3, 2013

The three eggs are not shown here but must be used in order to bind all the ingredients.


Meatloaf/Meat Doritos Recipe

Ingredients for Meatloaf Doritos Recipe

You may use the ground meats of your choice. Beef is excellent in this recipe too. Here is what I used:

1 pound ground low fat chicken

1 pound Organic beef (no hormones, no steroids)

1 C. crushed Nacho Flavor Doritos (up to 2 cups if you wish....just add another egg or two)

1 onion

2 eggs (note: eggs not pictured but must be used to bind the ingredients)

1 can Tomato soup

Preparation for Meatloaf Doritos Recipe

Mix the meat, crushed Doritos, chopped onions, and eggs together to form a loaf

Place in a non-stick spray oiled casserole dish

Cover with the tomato soup.

Cook at 375° for 2 hours or until the temperature of the meatloaf is 170°, remove from oven and let sit for 10 minutes and serve

OR for a faster meatloaf try this:

Make in smaller loaves for a shorter cooking time. Ex: two small loaves at 375° for one hour or until the internal temperature is 170°.


Make in individual muffin tins and cook for 30-45 minutes

Be sure to use the tomato soup on the meatloaf! The soup makes a nice gravy.

This is a real kid pleaser. The Doritos Nacho Flavor, which I use, is all the spice that you need. It also makes some great meatloaf sandwiches for the next day’s lunches.

So, when life gives you too many Doritos, make meatloaf, I say.

The true historical story of Meatloaf Doritos

You see, in the early 1980’s I organized a mall promotion in tandem with the Doritos chips people. If you visited one of my mall courtyards you would be entertained by a lovely young Senorita in a yellow Mexican traditional dress who would give you a bag of Doritos. She would have at her disposal a small yellow truck whose bed was filled with the bags of Doritos. At that time you would be invited to sign-up to win said truck, too!

The mall was to be shipped 50 cases of Doritos to be handed out during the promotional period.

This promotion was free to the mall, the chips were free, and the Senorita’s wages were covered by Doritos. Doritos purchased some local advertising too. Nice.

Ole! This was a very typical mall promotion. I was a very typical Mall Marketing Director.

During the set-up period the mall was to receive 50 cases filled with individual sized Doritos bags. Except, that the man receiving the shipment didn’t understand the shipment was to be 50 cases of Doritos. He received the shipment and brought the receiving slip to the office.

We had not received 50 cases of individual sized bags of Doritos. We had received 500 cases of individual sized bags of Doritos!

That, my dear readers, is A LOT of Doritos!

By the time the packing slip made it to the business office the truck driver was long gone. So, I called the Doritos Company, the sponsor, of the event to report we were over-shipped some 450 cases of Doritos chips.

It seems that the cost to retrieve the Doritos was more than just ‘giving’ us the Doritos. So, they 'gave' us the total shipment of 500 cases of Doritos.

We had Doritos. We had 500 cases of Doritos. We instructed the Senorita to give out double bags to patrons. We gave away Doritos to a local school, a local children’s home, and there was always a supply in the office and maintenance lunch rooms.

Normally the crew was a human eating mob but even they got too much of the Doritos. Yes, there is too much of a good thing! I took some home for the family. After awhile, they became disenchanted with Doritos, too.

Then I started being creative with Doritos. I am not one to waste food. This is where the Meatloaf Doritos Recipe was born. It still lives and is a favorite in the household!

You can buy just ONE bag.....or 500 cases I guess!


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