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How to make Bhindi with masala

Updated on June 3, 2017

Bhindi can be one of the most delicious food that you can ever eat in the Indian/Pakistani cuisine. Bhindi is Okra and in English is ladies fingers and Bamiya in Arabic. It's very tasty and healthy. It's low in calories as in every 100 grams of Bhindi there are 33 calories. It's very popular in the Arabic and Indian/Pakistani culture. Bhindi with masala is a vegetarian delicious dish. It's semi dry as the bhindi get sauteed and it can be served with Chapatti, Paratha or rice. I personally love it so much with paratha if I will eat it in the breakfast or with chapatti bread in the lunch. It doesn't take long to be cooked about 40 minutes. Bhindi is always cooked after being dry to prevent wet thin threads perform from them whenever they are cut wet. Ingrefients as following :

250g fresh bhindi

1 chopped tomatoes

1 tps whole Corriander powder

1 tps cumin seeds

1/2 tps red chili powder

1 onion (chopped)

3 garlic parts (grinded)

1/3 inches ginger (grinded)

salt as preferred

1/2 tps tumeric

3 Tbsp of oil

The recipe as following:

Wash and dry the bhindi by either leave them to dry up or you can use a dry kitchen towel to dry each ladies finger. After bhinddi became completely dry cut them in 1 inches. Put 1 and 1/2 cooking oil in a skilett and leave it to warm up on the stove. Put the already cut bhindi on the pan and start sautee until they become tender, but were not completely cooked. Take out all the sauteed bhindi from the skilet and place them in a dish. Put a pot on a medium heat then put the rest of the oil. Put the red chilli powder, salt, and all the mentioned powders in the pot and keep stirring for half a minute. Add the chopped onion, grinded ginger and garlic and keep sautee till the choppped onion become transparent. Then add the chopped tomatoes and keep sautee for 2 minutes. Then add the bhindi and mix all the ingredients together for 2 minutes on a low heat. Leave the pot o n low heat for 5 minutes till everything is tender and perfectly cooked.

Your bhindi with masala should be ready to be eaten now. I would personally advise you to leave it aside for 15 minutes to little bit cool down to grap the exact taste and smell of Bhindi with masala. I hope you really make and you love it and your family and friends too


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