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More kuzhambu/Dahi Kadhi/Yogurt Curry -- All Desi Style :)

Updated on April 22, 2012



Yogurt Curry, More Kuzhambu, Dahi Kadhi, different names but same delightful all desi style :)


Plain Yogurt

Haldi (Turmeric Powder)

Grated Coconut

Chana Dal (Split Chick Peas)

White Raw Rice (Sona Masoori or any)

Green Chilli (Indian or Thai green chili)

Curry Leaves

Ladies Finger (OKRA) (Optional)

Paruppu Vadai (See my hub for Recipe) (Optional)

Mustard seeds

Vegetable Oil


Coconut Oil (Optional)


Soak handfull of rice, two handful of Chana dal in water for 1 hour. Once done take the saoked mixture and put in grinder along with one quarter cup of grated coconut and 6 green chili, add a bit of water and gring to form smooth paste (see image),

Once done take a cup of curd and add some water and a half spoon of turmeric powder. And blend it to form a smooth paste (see image)

If you like Okra you can take around 8 of those and cut them to half and deep fry them in vegetable oil and keep aside.

You can prepare Paruppu vadai, if you don't like Okra and keep aside (see my hub for recipe).

Now take a frying pan and add 5-6 table spoon of vegetable oil and add some mustard seeds. When the mustard crackels add in few curry leaves and then pour the grinded mixture of chana dal, coconut etc.. and lightly fry them and then add in the Yogurt blend. Add in 1/4th cup of water and heat for a minute and switch off the heat. Add half spoon of coconut oil if you like.

Add salt to taste, one spoon would do. Then add in the fried Okra or Paruppu Vadai depending on your prefernece.

Magic is all over, your More Kuzhambu, Yogurt curry or Dahi Kadhi is all ready to be served with rice or roti as you like it :)

Enjoy your meal..

Lovingly written by Mr.Veg !!

Drop in a comment if you like it !!

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