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Morning Bun French Toast - Ovens of Brittany style

Updated on April 29, 2012
French Toast made with bakery morning buns
French Toast made with bakery morning buns | Source
cooking French Toast on the griddle
cooking French Toast on the griddle | Source

French Toast tradition for Christmas breakfast

My husband did it again, he made French toast for breakfast on Christmas morning. Not just any old French toast, a very special French toast just like he used to make when he worked at the Ovens of Brittany in Madison, WI. This French toast is made with morning buns from the bakery and tastes like Heaven. He makes this every year and it's really nice to have that tradition for the family. The kids and I love it. We go to the New Glarus Bakery a day or two before Christmas and purchase three morning buns. Then they sit in the open bag for a couple of days so that they stiffen up a bit. On Christmas morning, we get out the big griddle and set that up on the counter. We slice the morning buns into four pieces each and dip them in an egg batter (three eggs, milk and Penzy's Vietnamese cinnamon - I can't rave about this stuff enough). We butter the griddle (use only the real stuff!) and fry them up along with some bacon. We serve them with powdered sugar and syrup. I think it is my favorite breakfast of the year. Sometimes, my husband has made it for me on Mother's Day or my birthday, but I can always count on it for Christmas. It really is a great tradition that I am sure we will keep alive every year. Try making some French toast with morning buns (cinnamon sugar buns, a little different than cinnamon rolls though) from your local bakery and I'm sure it will become your favorite breakfast too!


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  • amberld profile image

    Amber Dahnke 5 years ago from New Glarus, WI

    The New Glarus Bakery makes incredible morning buns! :)

  • profile image

    Angie Sieger 5 years ago

    I guess I need to visit New Glarus and hit up the Bakery to get some morning buns and try this recipe the next time I have house guest. I will also make sure to buy an extra one to eat on the ride home!!!

  • profile image

    Fiddleman 5 years ago

    Sounds yummy