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Morroccan Rice With Saffron and Pineapple

Updated on April 20, 2012

This nutty, aromatic, nutrition-rich, healthy and totally mouthwatering pilaf is going to make your dinner so exciting, that you'll want to learn more Moroccan recipes. Packed with the goodness of whole cashew nuts, the tang of lemon, the sweetness of pineapple, the juiciness of meat, the incomparable taste of olives and the fragrance of saffron, the recipe is a surefire candidate for your list of favorites. And once your palate gets a taste of the subtly spicy offerings from Morocco, you are hooked for life! Wait till you get hit in the heart by the aroma ... phewww.... I can't explain what it does to you... It takes over all your senses and holds your taste buds prisoners.. you shall find out soon...

To the cooking, then:


  1. Rice 1/2 kg (two glassfuls approx.)
  2. Boiled chickpeas 1 can
  3. 1 Chicken.
  4. Chicken stock 750 ml
  5. Whole Black Peppers, Cinnamon stick, A bay leaf, White cumin seeds, Black cardamom. To taste
  6. Lemon Juice 200 ml
  7. Olives 6 black and 6 green- pitted (more if you want)
  8. Coriander Seeds 1 Tbsp
  9. A bunch of Fresh Coriander stalks and leaves.(finely chop the stalks and coarsely chop the leaves)
  10. Garlic crushed 8 cloves
  11. Ginger- a 2.5 cm chunk
  12. Pineapple cut into medium size pieces- a cupful
  13. Cashew nuts- toasted- 1/2 a cup
  14. Yellow bell peppers- 2 large. Cut into large squares.
  15. 1 large red bell pepper- Chopped into thin strips about an inch long.
  16. Green chili paste- 1 teaspoon
  17. Onion-optional-1 medium sized, coarsely chopped
  18. Extra Virgin Olive Oil for frying and cooking
  19. Salt and freshly ground pepper-to taste

The liquids..

Cut the chicken into 8 pieces, or get it done from the store. Boil in 1500 ml of water with 4 cloves of garlic, onions and the piece of ginger. Add a pinch of salt. Throw in whole black cardamom, white cumin seeds, whole black peppers and one cinnamon stick for enhanced flavor.

Cook on medium heat till the fluid is halved. Strain and store in an open utensil to cool for later use. Keep the Boiled Chicken pieces, of course.

Once cooled add the lemon juice.

Take the saffron and dip into a little bowl of lemon juice (50 ml) for half an hour.

Pour into the other liquids.

To cook:

  • First sprinkle the boiled chicken pieces with salt and freshly ground pepper, and pan-fry till gold. Keep aside.
  • Now in a large wok fry the yellow bell peppers with the coriander seeds, 4 cloves of garlic and finely chopped fresh coriander stalks until the peppers are soft. Fry the chickpeas for a minute with the peppers. Add in the green chili paste.
  • Fry dry rice in the wok until glistening. Time to add the pineapple pieces and strips of red pepper.
  • Pour in the stock/lemon juice/saffron mix.
  • Lid the wok. You can now bake the rice in medium oven. Or cook over low heat until the rice grains are plump.
  • Remove lid, throw in the olives and pack the wok with the chicken pieces.
  • Sprinkle with cashew nuts, coarsely chopped fresh coriander and cover again for 5 minutes.
  • Serve alone or with a raita dip after mixing the pilaf with a flat spatula!


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    • etna5678 profile image

      Yasmeen Anwer 7 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan

      Thank you Jo Deslaurier... Do try it! :)

    • Jo Deslaurier profile image

      Jo Deslaurier 7 years ago

      Sounds scrumptious!

    • etna5678 profile image

      Yasmeen Anwer 7 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan

      Dear Words To Poetry, I'll be waiting for your feedback after you've tried the recipe...thanks for visiting!!! :)

    • Words To Poetry profile image

      Words To Poetry 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

      Looks extremely delicious. I will attempt to cook. It is true, cooking is an art.

    • etna5678 profile image

      Yasmeen Anwer 7 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan

      thanks are right, cooking is an art, and like any art it requires aesthetics to appreciate it... do try it if you enjoy cooking! take care

    • profile image

      BestConcerns 7 years ago


      And also to mention whos cooking and whos eating it!!!

      Some people just eat for eating and cook for cooking!

      Only people with aesthetics know the real charm.