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Nice hot drinks on rainy days or rainy season

Updated on September 3, 2012

The Philippines and other temperate countries worldwide are often visited by series of heavy rains and even powerful typhoons. During these times a cup of hot drinks can provide you immense comfort and at the same time provide you a soothing feeling like no other.

Here is list of hot drinks that will make certainly give you a nice time for a respite:

Ludy’s Instant Salabat

Drinking a cup of this ginger brew will help you keep cold at bay. You may try other varities that are flavored with honey and cayenne.

Siete Baracos Black Gold Instant Brewed

If you yearn to have a coffee that is stronger than the regular ones, Siete Baracos Coffee would be a nice choice. This coffee combines the country’s most famous coffee which is the Batangas Barako with Arabica beans. For a potent taste, steep the bag for at least 3 minutes

Carica All Natural Pito-pito

An amalgam of seven ingredients that are tried and tested, Gourmet’s All Natural "Pito-pito" may help boost the immune system. These six of the seven ingredients are mango,papaya, “pandan,” “banaba,” guava and “alagaw.”

People who tried this drink swear of the drinks’ healing properties against fever and common cold.

Casino Chamomile Infusion

If you desire to overcome sleepless nights try to have some cup of chamomile tea help you retire to sleep with relative ease.

Alfonso’s Instant Gourmet Chocolate

If you are fond of a frothy cup which is filled with delicious chocolate drink, then Alfonso’s Gourmet Chocolate is a perfect fix for you.

Stash Vanilla Chai Decaf Tea

A fusion of spices, Stash Vanilla Chai Decaf Tea promises a soothing drink that has a fantastic aroma and awesome taste.Here you have it folds thanks a lot for the read. If you have some feedback(s) try to shoot them in the comment box below.

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