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The Top 5 Hot Drinks

Updated on March 9, 2013

The Winter Weather is Almost Over!

The winter weather is almost over and soon it will be springtime. The weather will get warmer and nature will come out of dormant hibernation. The weather has been very different this year, and also seems to be happening later this particular year, but the calendar states that the spring season is right around the corner. Time has been flying by lately, and I can't believe the winter is almost over already!

The winter season the best time for hot drinks right after being in the chilly air all day. Many hot drinks are great in the morning before going into the cold weather. Or even when feeling under the weather, as the winter months do often bring colds and the flu, hot drinks may help the ailment. Hot drinks are best served during the winter months, when the snow is falling and there is a fire softly burning in the fireplace. There are many different hot drinks to choose from throughout the year, but there are only certain ones that are perfect for this time of year only.

Chase Away The Last Chill

The Top 5 Hot Drinks

The best hot drink for any one is preferred on the person and their acquired tastes, because each person has different preferences. There are even hot drinks that may contain alcohol for an extra warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

This hub contains a list of the top five hot drinks that are perfect for the winter season. These hot drinks can be enjoyed by any adult, and children with the exception of one of the hot drinks. The hot drinks chosen to be on this list contain health benefits and are wonderful to consume. Many people may even choose to drink these hot drinks all year around, which is what I do.

1. Hot Dark Chocolate

Many people like to enjoy hot chocolate, which may contain higher sugar content, but hot dark chocolate contains many health benefits. Dark chocolate is healthy for every one, including children, when compared to the other chocolate choices. Dark chocolate contains health benefits for many parts of the body and even for the brain. This number one hot drink is prepared by mixing hot water with the dark chocolate, usually in powder form, then stirring until the powder has been completely dissolved. Toppings and sweeteners may also be added to the dark hot chocolate, but that will increase the sugars and fats contained within the hot dark chocolate.

2. Warm Dark Chocolate Milk

Hot dark chocolate milk is a top five hot drink because this drink helps any one to feel better after a long and cold day. Lactose intolerant people may use substitutions, but the same creamy goodness is always comforting. Dark chocolate again is used because of the amazing health benefits that it provides. By blending dark chocolate with milk, there is also added protein as well as vitamins that are essential for a healthy diet. Milk is good for our bones and the fight against osteoporosis. Hot dark chocolate milk may also be used to sooth a child. This combination of dark chocolate and hot milk is the biggest comfort drink, so of course it made this list.

3. Steaming Coffee

Coffee is a highly consumed beverage around the world, along with water, which is why it is second on my list of top five hot drinks. Coffee is simple and easy to prepare, usually by blending hot water into instant coffee or even by using a coffee maker. Coffee is also a hot drink that contains many health benefits that most people are unaware of, like the protection from diseases and cancers. Coffee is a very diverse hot drink because it may be served many different ways, like with milk or cream. Once espresso and other ingredients are added to the plain coffee, the sugar content may be increased and the health benefits will cancel itself out.

4. Hot Flavored Tea

There are many different types of hot tea to choose from, with many different flavors. Green, black, and chai are some examples of the different types of teas that are produced. Like coffee, tea is also a widely and highly consumed beverage, along with water. Tea is also a very diverse hot drink like coffee also. Sugar, honey, milk, and other ingredients may also be added to the tea that will increase the health benefits of the tea. Tea, no matter what kind, is high in antioxidants and other nutrients so the health benefits are there also. Hot tea is wonderful for any one feeling under the weather, has a sore throat, or even just a headache. Tea may be served hot or cold, but hot tea is best for the cold season.

5. Warm Spiced Cider

Spiced apple cider is a top hot drink because it can also be mixed with caramel, eggnog, cranberries, or even red wine for different flavors, textures, and appearances. Apples are a good source of vitamin C, and so is the juice from the apple. This hot drink is usually best served during the cold winter months when the cold and the flu are going around to help achy muscles or an upset stomach. Apple cider is just like apple juice, except that it's served hot / warm instead of chilled. Apple cider is also healthy for children because of the added nutritional value . Every one should be consuming more fruit and this hot drink has amazing health benefits. Apples should be a part of every one's daily diet for a healthy digestive system.

Which Hot Drink Is Your Favorite?

What hot drink is your favorite to drink when it's cold outside?

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    • khmazz profile image

      Kristen Mazzola 4 years ago from South Florida

      This hub has me wanting a Warm Spiced Cider right now!! Great hub!

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Quite tempting, all of them and equally great hub.

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 5 years ago from Florida

      Thank you so much!

    • montecristo profile image

      Angel Caleb Santos 5 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

      I like the hot cocoa. Nice pictures. Voted up!