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How BJ's Brewhouse Went Out Of Its Way to Ruin a Prom Night

Updated on May 1, 2018
BJ's Brewhouse - Customer Service so bad They Ruin Proms and are Snooty about it
BJ's Brewhouse - Customer Service so bad They Ruin Proms and are Snooty about it

Prom - a Special Night

So my daughter and her boyfriend went to Prom last Saturday Night. Generally, this is supposed to be a special evening that marks the end of a High School career. For these two, it is particularly special as they are going to different colleges next and do not know what the future holds. So they are trying to enjoy every moment together while they still can. One of their favorite restaurants is BJ's. Until the night of Prom. Now they will never go back. And their special night was ruined. Worse yet, it seems like BJ's did it on purpose. And they have done nothing to rectify the situation. They simply do not care.

Prom - What Should Be a Special Night
Prom - What Should Be a Special Night

How a Hostess Can Ruin a Once in a Lifetime Event

So, my daughter and her boyfriend went to BJ's dressed up in their best. The night started out great. My daughter got her hair and make up done professionally (paid for by yours truly). They took the obligatory pictures for the parents. Then they went off to have their special evening.

They went to BJ's. There were told there was a 40 minute wait. They said no problem. BJ's said that they would text when their table was available. The boyfriend got a text confirming that their name was on the list and they would get a text when their table was ready. Both noted that the hostess was abrupt, rude, and literally sighed when they said yes, they were willing to wait. Little did they know that this hostess was not done.

Bad Customer Service - How It Can Ruin A Special Event
Bad Customer Service - How It Can Ruin A Special Event

The Wait

So my daughter and the boyfriend patiently wait for a table. They see scores of people go in before them. They begin to notice that people who arrived after them are now being seated. No text was received.

So the boyfriend goes back to the hostess to ask about the status of their table. She tells him that he didn't put his name on the list. He shows her the text confirming that he did, actually, put his name on list and tells him the restaurant will text him when the table is ready. She say, "well, I guess we called your name and when you didn't answer we gave your table away." Well, first, it is the restaurant's practice to text the customer when the table is ready. It says so right in the text. Second, they didn't call his name. His name wasn't even on their list. They didn't put it on their list. Yet, she tried to blame him.

She looked at him like "so." He asks, "so we have basically waited for almost an hour for nothing." She says, "looks that way, you should have made sure you were on the list." She then says she will put him on the list. He stood there to wait to make sure it was done. She sees this and yells, "I said I would put you on the list." They wait another 20 minutes, watch several groups of two get seated before them and go to the hostess again and ask again. She snaps, "Did you get a text, then no your table isn't ready. Are you sure you put your name on the list" At this point, they leave.

They found another restaurant. But, because of the delays at BJ's they missed their prom because the doors closed before they could get there. They tried to make the best of it, but they were obviously hurt.

I emailed BJ's explaining the situation. They haven't responded. At all. At this point, I guess they don't care and condone how their employees treat people with so little respect. I guess BJ's condones wasting people's time. I guess BJ's also thinks its funny to mess with people on a special night for the hell of it. I guess BJ's is too big of a corporation to actually care about individual people.

I write this asking for nothing. Only to inform. There are a million choices on where to eat. Spend your money somewhere that at least tries to fake that they care.

An Update

In the last week I have received messages from a manager and the director of operations. It appears that I got their attention. Both were nice and made it clear they took this issue seriously. Speaks well of them and BJ's. Perhaps BJ's does care.

A small little victory against terrible customer service. If you don't speak out, nothing will ever change.


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    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Sacramento, California


      Seriously? Poor planning? You must be a conservative. No emphathy, no heart. What a sad life you must lead.

    • profile image

      Joey Buffet 

      2 years ago

      Sounds like poor planning on their part and the parent’s part for not guiding them to make reservations. So many place take reservations and why didn’t they ask to speak to a manager?

      And if they knew the doors were closing, why not plan better? Placing blame on everyone except taking personal responsibility. Continue to play victim.

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Thanks for reading. I would hope so too. But thus far, nothing.

    • Haleykieser profile image

      Haley Kieser 

      2 years ago from Arizona

      What a terrible experience! I really hope the manager reaches out on behalf of the restaurant to apologize.


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