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Numbers of Fitness

Updated on April 1, 2013

Why not start counting?

To become and stay beautiful, slim and attractive, a woman needs sometimes to change her habits. A good way to get oriented is to keep in mind some numbers. Some of these numbers are about time, some are about quantities. Anyways, if you learn to keep them in mind, this can change your life for the better - and you will enjoy it better - with better habits!

Walking 30 minutes per day is beneficial
Walking 30 minutes per day is beneficial
You can eat eggs after 7 p.m. but avoid bread
You can eat eggs after 7 p.m. but avoid bread

30 minutes of fast walking every day

is simpler and more effective than going to the gym once a week. While moving on the fresh air outside we spend about 150 calories during 30 minutes, and besides the vitamin В responsible for good metabolism is generated. 

7 p.m.

No carbohydrates! According to diet specialists, we must not eat after 6 p.m. It is possible but for many women it is difficult. A more appropriate way is to avoid eating carbohydrates in the evening. There are no limits for proteins, though. So, milk, meat, fish – anything is fine!

If you are hungry between the meals, have a snack!
If you are hungry between the meals, have a snack!

2 useful snacks

between the essential meals will keep the necessary sugar level in your blood and will help avoid hunger. The best variant is fruit and vegetables, low fat yogurt, a glass of milk or a pinch of nuts. 

Eat and wait 20 minutes
Eat and wait 20 minutes

20 minutes

are consecrated to any substantial meal. No hurry while eating and do it with pleasure, chew well. For the brain to get the signal “I am full”, 20 minutes are necessary. A little trick: put away the fork or the spoon and take a sip of water. This will slow down the tempo of eating.

Eat salad before the essential dish
Eat salad before the essential dish

1 portion of salad

before the essential dish for the lunch fills up the stomach, so you will eat less of essential dishes, without the feeling of hunger. However, the vegetables in the salad must be fresh and sprayed with oil or lemon juice.

How much sleep do you get daily?
How much sleep do you get daily?

7 hours of sleep

are quite useful for the body line. As for the lack of the sleep, it does only harm. Because of the lack of the sleep, the hormones of stress appear in the blood, and they slow down fat burning and provoke hunger.

6 almond nuts are a great snack
6 almond nuts are a great snack

6 almond nuts

are a great way to kill hunger. Almond is very nourishing thanks to ballast substances, proteins and healthy fats that they contain. Almond must be dried but not fried. 

Drink tea daily
Drink tea daily
Walk the stairs (but not stars)
Walk the stairs (but not stars) | Source

4 cups of black tea per day

instead of coffee help accelerate the process of burning of fats. Besides, it diminishes the hormone of stress up to 50 percent! This is very important for those who have the habit to eat up all the negative emotions.

Got it? Let's have a cup of tea!

10 minutes of walking the stairs every day

will help loose 10 kilos in one year. You do not need to run up and down – just forget about the escalators and lifts at home or at work – and walk the stairs! Also, choose a good tempo. Do not run and focus on the breath. If you are out of breath, just stop and let it become normal again.

Drink a glass of water every 2 - 3 hours
Drink a glass of water every 2 - 3 hours

250 ml of water

must be drunk every two to three hours! Thus the body gets all the liquid that it needs and the stomach will be filled without calories, and the metabolism and digestion will work like clock. It is better to drink gasless water. The bubbles of oxygen do not change the usefulness of the water but contribute to create some gas.

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